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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dear Oh Dear!

Our Politicians In Jaw Jaw Overdrive.

How many of those featured in the picture above can we regard as having our best interests at heart? For my money one, maybe two at the most. I'm sure many out there kind enough to visit this blog will know full well who I am referring to.

For the rest, only their own self interest brings them to this talking shop. As for one of the most hateful attendees look no further than this loony pillock. As some of the bodies of the latest murdered victims remain to be identified, this clown of clowns spouts the stupidity of open borders so blatantly proven to be a boon to terrorists.

Perhaps we should be grateful to have these cretinous pronouncements, if only to dramatically demonstrate the sheer, utter depth of idiocy we are led by. For sure it should be an enormous boost to Brexit. One other thing we can be certain of, too. ISIS and any other terrorists are just as aware of the EUSSR's stupidity and more than happy to exploit, as precious gifts, the freedom to move their foot soldiers wherever they choose.

That fact, closing the preceding paragraph, is shown in in this headline from today. 

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