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Monday, 30 November 2015

Climate Change Trumps All Else.

What A Joke.

In an interview with "Sky news as required by Murdoch", Charlie hinted broadly that terrorism was linked to climate. Since the tropical sun can fry people's tiny brains, maybe that's the case but it then begs the question how long have our erstwhile peers spent cooking their tiny minds.

On a similar note we must also question why military use of heavy ordnance, nuclear bomb testing and constant warmongering appear to be off the table when these pathetic climate conferences take place. As is the overpopulation of the planet  by a destructive, polluting animal happy to foul its own nest. It is still my contention nature will still triumph.

Even if nature determines to bring about a cull of those animals unable to live correctly and unselfishly. All the posturing and nagging passed around the planet will not save a creature every bit bent on doing that which lemmings do. Through pestering and greed the rush to the cliff edge goes on. The arguments remain as they have for decades.

As the NWO prance around Paris, the same old players, poking out from Corporate America's pockets, do their best to squash the growing awareness, fuelled by the modern communication age, of how terrible Western nastiness has become. Particularly when practicing "regime change" interventions to replace more malleable or buyable despots.

We see this behaviour writ large with the current Despot de Jour, Erdogan. However we, as little people, need to make a big effort to learn of the depths being reached in the scale of depravity. There is no way our media will be deflected from "climate change" or slagging off all those, especially Russia, who have more to offer than any puppet muppets in the Western media.

A prominent anti Erdogan critic and senior Kurd murdered, a Russian bomber, knocking seven bells out of ISIS, shot down in support of ISIS protection rackets, riots and tear gassing in Turkey, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere kept off the Western front pages. Just like the mounting evidence growing and at least worthy of deep consideration, of Turkey's deep seated relationship with ISIS.

Whatever the merits of these allegations I fail to understand why there is little effort to shine any light on the issues shown. There is a mounting case and sufficient evidence indicated in the headlines shown. Not least the sheer lack of preparedness of our media to mention any story seemingly critical of American and Western failings, mistakes and corruption at every level.

All we get is constant hectoring about climate change by the very people who are really guilty. Greedy, grasping, power crazy idiots. Like Camoron, preaching we must save the Planet whilst pleading for the chance to gloriously bomb the ess, aich one tee out of some god forsaken corner of Syria. Does not this ridiculous contradictory, stupidity ever cross their minds? Way to go, Dave, a couple of obsolete, gas guzzling old aircraft and a handful of expensive  bombs lobbed into the ether.

Sod the number of nurses and doctors wages those costs could easily fund. Sod the fact civilians more likely to be killed than terrorists. Sod the fact that Erdogan may well replace, at great profit, any enemy losses and even offer succour and medical aid in the lucky and unlikely event any terrorists are actually hit by Dave's expensive toys.

Comes to something when Corbyn looks the statesman and Davy Boy the fool. That's the truth, however. With or without the tame MSM trying to do to Corbyn as they do to Putin. Disregard any efficacy either men may have in many areas. The playground bullying beloved of craven, childish favouritism. As ever, use war and violence to cover up deeper and more unpleasant facts yet to be revealed to we peasants. That awful PR phrase, "Good day to bury bad news". Trouble is there are insufficient decades, let alone days, to cover all of the nastiness our NWO have unleashed.

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