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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Are Our Leaders As Guilty As The Terrorist Killers


Troop trains arriving in Europe

Viktor Orban and Putin excepted, since the early 1960s Europe's erstwhile Common Purpose leaders have presided over a terrible immigration policy that is now coming home to roost. A policy of social and racial engineering always doomed to failure.

Add the obsessive mindset with regime change in the Middle East. The woeful reaction to 9/11. A blatant refusal to accept any culpability for the atrocities all around us. Obummer's half hearted attempt to admonish ISIL and order them to the "naughty step". Europe's slavish desire to ask the USA "how high", all add fuel to a building inferno for a global conflagration.

One the terrorists relish as they dominate the weak, lily livered West. Leaders who have orchestrated "welcome" demonstrations for the invading hordes of barbaric savages. Quietly hushing up some of the many incidents of what represents the calibre of these unevolved, ignorant barbarians. This but one example. We are already happily entertaining "grooming" gangs en masse, with few cases ever making the luvey duvey headlines of tolerant welcomes. To these savages all women are little more than objects to possess. White women even more so.

In this respect we witness the real and dominant powerful issue behind the multi-cultural experimentation those implementing it consider themselves outside the consequences of. In a word, racism. Sure white people can be racist but most are resentful of having to watch centuries of the evolving of decent society trashed.

Merkel, Cameron, Hollande the present complement of decades of  pathetic, weak leaders. Mandleson, an individual as nasty as they come, fully embracing the mass migration now out of hand. He is but one of hundreds of individuals who should be named and shamed. Sadly they will continue to occupy their ivory towers until "Mad Max" roams the Continent from its headquarters in the UK.

Those Toyota pick up trucks an eerie precursor to the converted Hummers round the corner. Unless, as is possible, the Kurds and Russia tame the evil emanating from the Middle East. You should certainly note Putin's desire not to allow Ukraine to be flooded with the same ideology now haunting Paris and the West.

Whilst Obummer makes an offhand and lukewarm statement, seemingly not too bothered about the happenings in Paris and Europe, Putin will be redoubling his military effort to crush the scum in Syria. Unlike our despicable lot flirting with and fluttering their eyelashes at Erdogan in Turkey. Promising billions to a Nation heavily siding with ISIL to try and crush forever Kurdish entities. 

Our crowds attitude to Erdogan yet a further sign of their cultural and social engineering daily shown to be disastrous. Even now hugging tightly to their bosoms a policy of open borders sacrosanct in the face of all that is the reality of the horrors produced. 

Don't expect any pronouncements, ere long, of shame and guilt. Just a determination to complete the annihilation of ancient European culture and progress. Sacrificed on the altar of political correctness trumping barbarity and the abuse and slaughtering of a whole race of pale skinned people. I am at a loss as to whom I despise most. The perpetrators of this global race war and violence or those who have paved the way for its success. Possibly the latter.


  1. Our leaders in their own way behaved as the savages, they can't help themselves reverting to type, those pigs that are more equal than others can't suppress their greed any more than a bloody savage can help reverting to the norm of his dark nay prehistoric upbringing.

    My hatred is reserved for our electorate, the brainwashed and cheaply bought fools who, turkey like, can't help themselves voting for their very own Christmas by electing traitors with almost laughable regularity, yet just as a lunatic might, appear shocked when Dec 25th arrives every year without fail.

    Our turn soon for the horde of savages doing their worst i have no doubt, to be followed by more meaningless weasel words from the current talking head uttered with sickening insincerity...actually did Blair's insincere waffle cause more nausea than the Cameron waxwork, tough one that.


  2. Thank you, Judd. I take your point about the electorate. Sadly, dumbing down via comprehensive education, the Union bully boys and pathetic politicians have conspired deliberately to turn the electorate into selfish, grasping fools. Now cannon fodder, as shown in Paris, for the hordes pouring unchecked across Europe and already well ensconced in the UK. If only the traitors responsible for all this awfulness were in the front line.

  3. Australia had the right answer - if you don't want them in your country then don't let them land. So what do we do? Send ships to rescue them and bring them across to Europe and send chartered aircraft to pick them up.

    Give the aid to the camps in Turkey by all means, but use the ships to take them back to where they come from and blockade the North Africa coast. Not to help them complete their journey.

    As for the ones that make it to European dry land, deport them back again and seal the borders.

    Sooner we're out of the EU and have proper border controls again the better...