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Friday, 27 November 2015

A Mess Of Ignorant Fools.

Note How Quiet Obummer Is Over Syria.

As if this is necessary. The West (America) is still stuck in a time warp. One where global communications are only really available to the corporate and political NWO pillocks. So ridiculous statements such as this, on Assad buying oil from the very people set on his overthrow is a joke.

Just as Camoron's idiotic statement that the FSA have 70,000 ground troops to follow up on UK pea shooters. As much a lie, cobbled together, as was Bliar's WMD dossier Shiite. As Raedwald quotes Fraser Nelson's take. 

In a similar vein hands are being wrung over the rise of Russia Today and Al Jazeera. Pot calling kettle black if ever there was. The tame, corporate run western media is pathetic. Populated by old fogies and young, go ahead but thick wannabees begging how high they should jump to secure lucrative sinecures pushing American corporatism enslavement. As we learn in this link.

A big difference with Russia Today and the Sky News "madeupfilth", as Ishmael calls it, is that is proud of its nationhood, better educated and able to pretty well say how it is. Their reports on Syria carrying far superior and supported facts than anything from their childish counterparts in the West and America's CNN and Fox.

I am not so naive as to think Russia Today is totally impartial. Nor do they pretend to be. An interesting article here touches on the arguments. If you wish further indications of our media's enslavement, consider the following manner the West has not kept us up to speed 

Little discussion on the war crime killing of the Russian pilot.

No talk of the Turkish shooting down having been certainly part, if not wholly, done in Syrian airspace.

Likewise nothing on the arrest of Turkish journalists for investigative journalism showing Erdogan the equal, if not worse, despot than Assad. 

Or American supplied arms convoys to ISIS. Not an expose but the same source now threatened with imprisonment or worse. Little mention in our press, is there? The stench of selective hypocrisy writ large in invisible ink!

Mind you, just occasionally, we get a glimmer of sense. Not that often though. Plus this criticism won't get a jail sentence like that despot Erdogan's victims.

You don't hear much about this from Camoron and Obummer, either. 

I'll leave anyone reading this blog with an exercise. See what you feel about the tone and weird statements in this Sky presentation. Turkey would not have shot down bomber if it new it was Russian! 

My take is Erdogan being coached by his CIA mentors after making such a "world war" scale mistake! Including arms supplies to directly or indirectly reach ISIS. Still, Turkey soon to have access to send their troops citizens to re-populate Europe and help bolster the already burgeoning Muslim populations.

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