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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

You Will Not Question Your Leaders, Or Else!

The New World Order Is With Us.
The PTB need urgently to accelerate the brainwashing of western populations. With glaring mistakes, which have totally destroyed what passes for order in the Middle East, the ensuing mass migration of detritus and displaced, economic and terrorist peoples, a faster propaganda infusion is becoming urgent.
The EUSSR techniques, full of obfuscation, lies and corruption has, to date, been as patient as the Islamification of all human existence. Before the internet the hypocrisy, now blazingly obvious. One  wherein Bashar Assad is now a tyrannical despot, not an elected, democratic leader, Putin Satan incarnate and the Saudis recommended for beatification. Here a hypocrisy now available for all those with a gram of decency to care to read and study, courtesy of modern computer capability.

These disgraceful policies, beloved of Obummer's corporate entities and sucked up by EUSSR morons, are also exploited, with some justification by China and Russia, quietly backed to the hilt by our own "foreign" Foreign Office. Just note the absence of any comment, when doctors and teachers protest their hard done by chosen careers, that we are overwhelmed and rotten to the core with mass population and cultural explosions.

Mass migration to be shortly exacerbated by the gift of our once hard won freedoms by the inclusion and gift of free movement to circa 76 million Turks. The insanity of these measures of a magnitude of incomprehensibility impossible to understand.

Some of us wonder where it will end. Flames will consume all of these stupid and unworkable, socialist constructs. Capitalism subsumed into a socialist dictatorship of faceless individuals careful to deny the anger rising to have an identifiable target. A New World Order typified by the likes of Bliar et al. Now known to be a mega rich fall guy, bought and paid for. A man whose weak and immoral character so perfectly manipulated in the cause of global corporatism.

How ironic we are led to the awfulness of a North Korean like subjugation to the God of consumerism as China and Russia move more towards a capitalist society and one to be envied in the West. I guess what goes around comes around! "Na Zdorovie"! (nastrovia)

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