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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Whither A Withering On The Vine, EU?

As Merkel's Credibility Collapses.
The smug arrogance and deluded attitude of all things EUSSR are breathtaking in their stupidity. The manner of how this blighted, German constructed, nightmare has evolved is now unravelling as everything ever said or done, in the name of a United States Of Europe, has been disastrous.
The cost of this empirical hubris alone has ravaged the resources of every Nation bullied, coerced and fooled into signing up to a protection racket always ready to "set an example" if any enslaved member might seek to breakaway. Greece perhaps the most hard done by, to date. Possibly an even greater trading "marketplace" to suffer is France. That's just the pain of a declining economy. A decline identical to the two decades of depression experienced in Japan.
Then we have the nonsensical sucking up to a United States clobbered by the peasant armies of North Vietnam and then pummelled to a standstill in Iraq and Afghanistan. That discredited, now part EUSSR, as well as bankrolled, USA NATO set up a major but ineffectual player. One used to back up meddling expansionism in the Bear's backyard, Ukraine. How is that turning out?
EUSSR merkin cover ups to protect Angela's faltering and always overrated reign, are almost hilarious if the consequences of her overstayed presence were not so debilitating to us all. Not least her call to alienate and isolate Russia and therefore also the Chinese. The American corporate clowns and their arms dealers have long considered competition of any kind unacceptable. A typical attitude which afflicts all despotic regimes. Common Purpose no exception.
The rise of ISIS and the mess in the Middle East can be and indeed has been laid by Putin at America's door. Ukraine a ridiculous, misread, move which opened the door to a superior chess player. One infinitely greater than the stale, Islamic biased crowd in The White House. How ineffectual and embarrassing Obummer's stance on the Middle East. One slavishly and sycophantically supported and mistakenly lauded by America's puppets in Europe. Cameron included.
Syria and Russia's decisive and hopefully successful action against ISIS and their support for Assad might well save us all from the barbaric and mentally retarded, unevolved Muslim excuses for human beings. How gross Western propaganda against Assad looks when at the same time Saudi horrors and slaughter of innocents goes unchallenged. If the Saudis have one great gift it is their ability to know on sight the cost of any payment individuals will accept to keep their Saud,i brutal regime and power intact.
Interestingly the Saudis never managed to seduce the Russians, either before the fall of the USSR or since. Now we all face a choice as to which "side" holds the most for the rest of us. Once the billions necessary for defence against the perceived threat from the EUSSR, post WW2, was regarded as essential. Different now.
Subsequently it has been a battlefield fought economically. Russian oil and gas riches appearing, as if by magic, put a spanner in the works there. Never mind, calculated the children in Washington, we'll bribe the Chinese with the promise of trade agreements, technological data and access to Western markets. All expected to drive a wedge between Russia and China and hold back an alliance to put the whole of Europe and the US in the shade.
Well, that's another poorly thought out operation overtaken by "events, dear boy". Ironically events created by American/EUSSR, Common Purpose, ambition for global dominance. An ambition prepared to arm all and sundry in The Middle East and debated in this article and elsewhere. Instead of the childish sulk over Putin's prowess at chess, our lot would do well to build a few bridges and take gambit lessons from Vladimir. That Assad needs to be kept in power for the foreseeable future never was anything but the best option. As, with hindsight, keeping Saddam Hussein in place until he could be deposed from within.
All in all the breakup of the EUSSR's political ambition and the dismissal of many of its present leaders would be a step in the rehabilitation of the West into the modern world. That and a vote of thanks to Russia for offering some protection from the jihadists threatening to overrun the weaklings of the West. That would be pretty remarkable and even common sense. Trouble is "common sense" is seen as politically incorrect in that weir place inhabited by the jokers in Europe and Washington. Expect vodka sales to catch up whisky, ere long!

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  1. At least the Russians seem to be able to hit what they aim at which is more than you can say for the Yanks.

    Of course if American hadn't spent $500m training and arming the Syrian rebels - who then defected to IS - they might be able to claim more of the moral high ground. That tey not stuck their noses in as usual the Syrian war might well be over by now and the Russians wouldn't need to get involved.

    This is turning into a Russian / American war by proxy. As usual, the Yanks maintain their war based economy without any bombs dropping at home...