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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Western Society Riddled With Cancer.

Greed, The Strain Of Western Cultural Disease.

Western, socialist designed capitalism is out of control in the same way healthy, rejuvenating cells are known to become out of control and develop, often terminally, the disease of cancer. An illness which grows undetected over often long periods before the manifestation of this grotesque illness and the subsequent painful battle to control it.
It is hard for a poorly educated individual such as myself to incisively determine when this cancer first began but it is my inkling that, post the second world war, the rise of socialism in the West led to the American and European Establishments, either deliberately or through an evolving necessity, began to fear the erosion of the power once the preserve of the few.
We might, additionally, consider the rise of "new money", particularly in America, which inexorably began to erode the status, ergo power, of the landed gentry throughout the generations gone before. A feudal system gave way to an industrial, trade for its own sake, growth of a society now so entrenched in the World and particularly the West. One which flies in the face of nature and need.
It would, arguably, appear that this change in human activity led, initially, to opportunities for a good, comfortable and even affluent life to be legion. Few can argue the days of rationing, hunger and hardship, known to people like myself were, in the main, left behind. A philosophy that implied hard work at school and in one's early, formative years could create aspirationally driven success. Indeed for many of the baby boomer generation it did deliver. In my case, too, albeit not without its own associated problems.
Sadly the very circumstances, as described, also began to alter, in a subtle and unpleasant manner. A cancerous growth of selfish and envious bureaucrats, jealous of their perceived counterparts in commerce and industry, began to seek the power and wealth rising substantially outside government and once regarded civil duty and service. America led the way, naturally, in corporate funding of political campaigns which left decency and honour way behind.
The UK and Europe, somewhat in hock to the USA, post the second world war and with the threat of USSR expansionism, over egged by American arms dealers and manufacturers, followed suit. From the early 1960s onwards, electioneering was suddenly about PR funding and propaganda. False enmity between varying trades, interests and Union bosses, as anxious for personal wealth and power as any corporate CEO, clashed with the dissatisfaction of the Sir Humphries. One which filtered down through the ever burgeoning rise of civil service employees.
So to the present. Along the way corporate America allied themselves, like Siamese twins, to government and between themselves began to drive Western interests and expansion towards a global dominance. Huge military interventions began with Korea, the nuclear arms race and the debacle that was defeat in Vietnam. None of which taught this growing monster of corporate greed for power and wealth for the few anything of lasting value to the human race.
This cancer looked to afflict all it touched. With oil the driving commodity for growth and its preponderance beneath the sands of the Middle East, initially, this one factor began to dictate the rules of engagement for subsequent conflicts, dubious alliances and grotesque, twisted and fickle morality. The Saudi one to date of significant note.
The other awful consequence of this evolving global obsession is the rise of the EUSSR. A proxy server for American corporate greed for global dominance. One matched only by that of Islam and those Nations in thrall to this barbaric crede. One as cruel and unpleasant as the tenets of Christianity are the opposite. Tenets now defended by Russia, protected in Syria by Assad but discarded carelessly and stupidly by the West.
There are legions of examples as to how this history now infects our modern world. One such is Cameron's speech this week to the Tory conference. His attack on Corbyn unnecessary and opportunistic. His cringing, Blairite style talk of poverty eradication, the Party of Labour and so on all very charming but just that, talk. As with his EUSSR stance, totally without substance or capability.
Another such example is the American led pathetic attempt, behind the posturing, pretend statehood jokers in the EUSSR and NATO, to destabilise Ukraine and wave childish rude but bloody gestures at Putin and Russia. All down to the worship of growth, mass migration fuelled subjugation of humanity all to aid further corporate dominance, corruption and gangsterism. The mess ensuing of huge importance to the very survival of the human race.
So to the present day. Poverty remains the majority human condition. Ideology, in the form of Islamic ambition and its counterpart, corporate greed, both spawned from the same natural human instinct for self preservation, are ideologies used, for personal reasons, as an end to the means of domination. As with most human conflict two seemingly irreconcilable forces are closer in essence than either party would care to admit.
Thus a different approach to the affairs of man is required. We might well suggest that such alternatives rest with those who would prefer cultures and Nations to be less grasping, more self sufficient and less interfering than these mad, empirically driven corporations or Islamist mad idiots. To date, nevertheless, very successful. A war between different cultures with the same ambition. One masked by religious enslavement the other consumerism as a religious substitute.
It is hard to read the future. Indeed impossible. However it is also difficult to see decency, cultural awareness, kindness and the better aspects of humanity survive, if common sense and a reversion to better ideals does not triumph. Certainly Washington is as impotent as its drag anchor that is the EUSSR. The UK's lip service to old ideals long purely PR empty rhetoric.
Which leaves Russia as our only beacon of sensible awareness of a Global complexity used by The West as a smokescreen for their ambitions. The manner our erstwhile masters have one day supported the likes of Saddam Hussein, Assad and Gadhafi when it suited them, only to switch when their major clients such as Saudi and Qatar required them to do so.
We have been forced to watch, consume and obey the PTB when China was brought and bought into the commercial net, as was Russia, initially. The latter less than impressed when Western demands for a seat at their feasts of gluttony required an entrance fee of land once part of Russia.
So when we are force fed the guilt of actually having an OK life at the expense of the planet, remember this. Every corporate big wig, bureaucrat or politician, of the last six decades has consumed a great deal more than most of us put together. 
We can only hope to save the Planet and human race if we dismantle Western ambition. Root out this cancer of consumerism. A start would be to vote to leave the EUSSR. As if! Therefore standby for millions of third world migrants and a descent into the very depths of poverty those very same migrants leave behind. The evidence is all around us, already. The cancer spreading. You can see it in Merkel's face.



  1. Brilliant Rightie.

    I'm fast coming to the conclusion that Putin is the only sane one out there, they can't stand it that he's a patriot and will not bow to their bullying and bidding, long may he continue to be a thorn in their side.


  2. An interesting thesis and one I would mostly agree with. I confess I am not a follower of political situations, neither am I schooled in geopolitical events, as such. That said, I can feel the wind on my face and tell how it is blowing. I moved from the UK 15 years ago because I felt uncomfortable in my own country. Better to be a foreigner in a foreign land than to be a foreigner in my own. I consider myself an Englishman in exile. Sadly, I have no ambition to return to the country of my birth. Decades of Western liberalism have started to destroy Western European culture. A culture that has given science and enlightenment to the world. For most folk live in a dark world. Opportunistic young men from every world cess pit see Western Europe as their economic salvation. And when I say Western Europe I mean North Western Europe. Porous borders mean that every bugger from Shitistan can enter to the detriment of the hard working tax payer. I heard today that the German economy is faltering- god help Europe if that is the case. It will find no help from the millions of migrants flooding the borders. The irony of course is that these folk come for a better life. In the end everyone in Europe will be dragged down to their level. Even I can work that out. And of course, the acceptance of mass immigration, even though indigenous populations want it not at all, sends a signal to the rest of the world's shitholes: 'Come, we will not turn you away'. They will come in hordes as they detect exploitable weakness. Social unrest and collapse beckons. As a footnote, I confess I'm a fan of your erudite blog. Keep up the good work, Sir. I know that you preach to the converted. But at least I am summarily educated and you can vent righteous spleen!

  3. Flaxon,what an excellent comment and most welcome. I am most grateful, OR.