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Monday, 5 October 2015

Once In Awhile.

Blogging Hits The Spot And Better Than Any Chatterati Media.

The gross level of convenient morality, peddled like snake oil by our Establishment and corporate US crooks ans swindlers, is, for me, epitomised in the picture above. Even more damning of our murderous elite and their obsession with the global dominance required to fuels their greed is given in this excellent post from John Ward. Too many valid points to reiterate.

In the modern world of the internet it becomes ever less easy for the PTB to push their flamboyant, heavily subsidised propaganda. They have their Murdochs tucked up and inside the tent but blogging still forces a big enough gap for some incoming urinal activity to match their outgoing, smelly fluid. 

Long may it last and maybe occasionally get through the numskull pygmies' heads, constantly believing, like Cameron, they have any influence over the corporate, willing prostitutes of our EUSSR Washington street walkers. Merkel chief among them.

I hope you like the Ward post as much as I did. Doubt these wise words from Assad will get any air time on our bloodsoaked, selective cheerleaders of "Western brutality and bloodletting good, everybody else's bad", gross bought and paid for and then some, media. 

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  1. Without the sphere as a whole, there would be no checks and balances whatever.