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Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Admiration for Vladimir Remains Firm.

My Loathing For The Western Hypocrisy And Weakness Deepens.
A picture paints a thousand words.

One of these is a smart, intelligent, not easily moved to public displays of petulance, a major critic of Islamic terrorism and barbaric expansionism. A supporter of a legal, elected government and a charismatic, effective leader. A man  passionate and patriotic and prepared to give his countrymen and women fervour to protect what has been theirs for centuries. A Nation brutally raped by the forefathers of Angela Merkel's now multi-cultural cess pit.
The other gentlemen a self obsessed, Islamic apologist. An arms supplier to a Saudi dictatorship, an architect of Western corporate Common Purpose designed to enslave and indebt the World's human population. A man turning a colonial, mass migrated horde of genocidal misfits, quite at ease with the destruction of an indigenous culture, into a global brand. So at ease with Islamic sympathies, he leads a Nation hell bent on spreading that brand new and inbred nastiness across the globe. If slavish support for terrorists and rag tag and bobtail rebels, wherever found, is required to justify the means, so be it.
If Mr Putin continues his dancing of rings round The West and their dreadful hypocrisy then he might well wrestle the undeserved cloak of World number one Superpower from The US and their equally suspect allies and EUSSR cronies. Let us not forget some of the recent people now wallowing in luxury for toeing this dreadful line of bloody conflict. Bliar at the head of this nest of vipers. The unctuous modern incarnation of Uriah Heep, Mandleson. Those snouts of all snouts, the Kinnocks. It is a huge list. Many of those on it faceless Whitehall Mandarins.
That Obummer and his corporate inner circle allow themselves to be ridiculed and justifiably castigated as in this case and shown to be perfectly true by Western media servants of Common Purpose, they, which in turns means all of us, deserve the ire and condemnation levelled. Never have I witnessed a moral decline of Western, Christian founded, principles as is now apparent.
A decline exacerbated by millions and millions of migrants overwhelming infrastructure to a level of debilitation that cannot end well. Is it not possible that the day will come when many in Western Europe might be forced to migrate East? To seek a tranquil and at ease with itself domicile in a predominantly Christian Country? Furthermore would such mass movement be welcomed in The East? Since it might well, if permitted by the Ayatollah's in Brussels, be accompanied by riches and skills, intelligence and a collective doctrine of self reliance, not seen in the rampaging youths now encamped at European borders. Russia might well welcome such minimal cultural migration!
I guess Russian or Australian, (sadly another genocidal colonial act) language is the one small hope for the survival of the white races and cultures. It sure as hell is no longer Northern Europe or Scandinavia. These the future tribal battle grounds of the varied Islamic, warring and barbaric mentalities. Some irony. Bomb seven bells out of a region and then relish the inevitable backlash. No wonder Obummer is scowling to Vladimir's wry smile. You could put a bubble in that picture with Vlad's showing the word "идиот"  ("plonker")! 

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  1. Yep, he showed that lot could be wiped out easily with resolve [and Iran]. Western leaders are criminally negligent.