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Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Refreshing Debate.

Open And Straight!

I caught a discussion on this morning of such utter, refreshing and sensible content, I almost wept. Further research on this quite delectable and intelligent woman produced links such as this, 

Her intelligence makes idiots of the Western puppets of propaganda, EUSSR style. Rayworth, Burley, fluffy Bruce, eat your hearts out at your dwarfed intellects, by comparison. The programme this morning, "playing the players" was very enlightening and was precise at spearing the emptiness of today's Western status as global players.

Also ask yourselves why Syrian government forces' taking of Morek goes unreported in the West. Or the despicable attack by Coburn and the subsequent apology makes few headlines on UK Tv. Or the reality behind the people now courted and installed in Kiev as puppets of the decadent West. 

Oksano Boyko's presentational style makes no effort to seem impartial but still that approach retains a more honest manner than the pseudo impartiality of the BBC. Allied with drug addled colleagues, flatly denied, of course, presumably as the rantings of a coke addict.

Consider other politically embarrassing but unreported crap in the West. It appears that the Iraqi Government, impressed with the power, legality and success of Russian support of the elected Syrian President, are turning their wish list eastwards! 

Only through a sceptical but fascinating visit to RT.Com can we get a second opinion. The plasticine moulded media in the West seem only able to function their gurning presentations through glazed eyes peering out of the shaped and formed rubber manipulation of their masters from corporate billionaire land and arms factories!

No matter the degree of propaganda, presentation also matters. Russia Today comes over as streets ahead in its adherence to providing a platform for its people and devoid of a political correctness and "global village" mantra, sickening in its stance against white races we are force fed by interested parties.  

EUSSR media supporters hell bent on furthering a single state entity to mirror the very brutal, internecine bloodshed our own leaders and PTB forces have unleashed in the Middle East and now developing their longed for colonisation of Europe by millions of unwelcome migrants. Future turkeys imported to vote for Christmas!

Any doubts as to how this is unfolding glance over here. As for the figure of 75 million, we close to that now. More like 90-100 million in 25 years. Is that a problem? No as long as you don't mind massive real poverty, don't get sick or expect sewage treatment capability to stay competent. As for that "green and pleasant land" myth. Think on.

Sign of things to come as population explodes. Above 2015.

25 years hence!


  1. Let's not forget that RT is as biased towards their point of view just as much as our media is biased towards ours.

    Personally I believe there are 3 sides to every story - yours, mine and the truth...

  2. RT is better at it with a degree of National pride. Our media are just pushing a supra, undemocratic line. Doing it badly at that. The interview did show some negativity against Rusia, nicely debated.