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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Home Secretary Who Believes In Home Truths.

Some Endorsed Powerfully By Others.

Coming our way.

It's becoming fashionable to tell home truths, it appears. Hot on the heels, (get it?) of Mrs May's telling, if not doing, how it is about mass immigration, we learn, if it is to be trusted, that a major charity has discovered a vast majority of males, pumped up with primitive testosterone and who knows what else, make up the total of UK bound chancers in Calais. If only the Home Secretary's rhetoric matched the results of our porous borders inadequacies.

If further proof of the Rotherham style mindset of the hordes of nasty and violent men soon to lay waste across vast swathes of Europe, add this disgrace to the innumerable other examples of what we are permitting by the tacit omission of any protest, due political correctness and bias against endemic european whites. Merkel should be ashamed of her role in creating this invasion of barbarity onto her streets. As should our own UK ineffectual all words, no action idiots. As Powell opined, "we must be mad". 

Theresa May stated something patently obvious for decades. Allow mass immigration to overwhelm our generosity and we have little room for genuine asylum victims of oppression. As ever, a fact rarely allowed to see the light of day. As we are forced to embrace numbers beyond imagination, only one leader understands the consequences of these open doors. Putin.

This is probably true. Yet Western and American stupidity tries to hint it is founded in Russia. More likely to be anti-Russian rebels in the form of those in Ukraine and backed by the FBI! Another American/EUSSR consequence of efforts to undermine Russia and Putin.

Whatever the hue of those behind this story, it certainly would not suit Russia to push such scary activity. It is more likely they would be very anxious to stop it. maybe by even going into Syria, one day, to root out the rotten core supported by the West. Oh, just a minute........................!

I know which scenario I lean toward.  I like the RT mantra, "question more". I also know which strategy might end in a better result than ever the West might achieve. Especially under the "Joker" Obummer. The idea of meeting fire with fire often becomes the last but inevitable resort. Ask those veterans of "D" day. Or the survivors of the Holocaust. 

What is the EUSSR/USA  answer? An open arms welcome for swarms of illegal migrants hiding thousands upon thousands of barbaric, uncivilised hordes, hell bent on destroying all we hold dear.

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