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Friday, 25 September 2015


Middle Ages And Manners.
The image above is from an event in Montreal. When modern, evolved, educated and mature societies gather in the West, rarely do illogical, ill mannered human stampedes take place.  Sadly in the less developed, unevolved, overpopulated cultures, manners and decency are harder to locate.
Unfortunately the Western values, common sense and well mannered hard won traits are waning. Once again overcrowding, overpopulation and a myriad of "political correctness" faux decency attitudes are holding sway. To this end our values are being watered down and mass migration from the third world is becoming an invasion. One comprising an even more barbaric mind-set of a culture founded on a violent approach to dissent or questioning of practices sickening in their misogyny and implementation. This film but one example documented. We have all been exposed to many examples recently. Remember the murder of the pilot only a few months ago?
Yet despite the uncivilised ignorance displayed by Islamic practices, our centuries of learning to live together have been ignored by our Common Purpose, global dominance, needy and greedy for power, leaders. Merkel, seizing on the mass of Islamic migrants spreading their diseased logic across Europe, to flash pretend credentials of compassionate humanity. Only to collapse like a punctured tyre when the reality of mass, unopposed invasion dawned on her governed serfs.
Still, this panic struck attempt to stave off the nonsense of open borders and their defenceless consequences has been and remains a popcorn opportunity. Trouble is that, as these Islamic cultures spread, Mosques replace Churches and Sharia trumps secular law, the slide into the practices we grew painfully out of, will return. Burning heretics at the stake, public executions and a rule of fear will return.
Far fetched as this might seem, I would ask you to consider why we have and still do tolerate the violent abuse of young, vulnerable white children. Consider, too, the lack of outrage at the slaughter of Christians in Syria. Murders Assad prevented when in power and before American backed rebels were encouraged to usurp his control over the disparate tribes. As indicated here. An American trait also found elsewhere, not least when tweaking the Bear's tail in Ukraine.
Were Western leaders to have done as much for their own people and electorates, as carried out in the pursuit of global domination, the world would be a less brutal, nasty place. Of course the powerful arms industry might be less wealthy and powerful. Now that just wouldn't do, would it? Swords into ploughshares not sufficiently expensive, I guess. Hence the stampede to the West as well as to Mecca. What a descent into naïve subservience and illogical, religious fervour. One for Allah the other Mammon!

See what I mean?

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