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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Modern News.

Is It Really News?

The idea that sex sells tends to colour a significant proportion of what passes for news in the modern age. Couple that with atrocious, ill educated mash up of grammar, "less chickens" but one example, the puerile efforts of gravitas and the smug, self important mannerisms of most presenters and "news", in actuality, is the last part of any media outlet.
Not only the show business aspect of all this output, we also have the propaganda. Both the BBC and Sky, so far up the anus of the EUSSR machine, only camera tripod feet are visible. So I guess the glamorous interludes are probably welcome, as the picture above shows. I did have admiration for this presenter until she was reported whinging about a development to the rear of her expensive London house. Little mention of the millions of us faced with the Establishment's obsession with growth and rural decimation through huge levels of development.
Back to "news". The mass migration issue continues to hog the limelight. As I have suggested, the manipulation of imagery rivals any blockbuster film. Yet all efforts being made to rebrand these mostly feckless and self serving youths and men, seeking to suck from the teats of Western European largess, as  genuinely hard done by refugees fleeing persecution is failing badly.
Add to that failure to misrepresent the "swarms" the utter shambles the "no borders" Schengen agreement's  utter stupidity and the hype attempted is looking more and more the confidence trickery our media now represent. Also chuck into the mix the Kay Burley style of "me, me, me" presentation that afflicts virtually all presenters, the snarling upper lip of Edwards whenever his hated Tory folk make the news and that awful air of superiority in all things media tainted and we see how badly we are served. 
One of the best bits of "news", these past few weeks, to have witnessed, was Corbyn's dismissal of these spinmeisters when they stalked him down the street. Their incredulity that this public figure refused to kow tow was a joy to see. He's mad as a politician can be and as nonsensical as all leftards are in their Quixote tilting at human nature's wind milling vagaries. Just not in the real world, at least not yet. Nonetheless a rare breath of fresh air in a world so controlled by the Common Purpose barons of global, commercial dictatorship. Long may he last in this innocent bubble.

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  1. You know, I think we're missing a trick here.The migrants are mostly young, unskilled, military-age males, and we currently have a problem whereby some areas of the Middle East desperately need controlling. We also need to make Europe seem a lot less like the Land of Milk and Honey to these migrants.

    So, why don't we set up a pan-European Army, which will consist partly of the troops of the constituent EU nations to supply the high-tech parts like air, armour and artillery, and will also consist of conscripted migrants to supply low-end militia and infantry?

    Do this, and we get the chance to export all these migrants back to where they came from, but as EU soldiers without any right to reside in Europe unless they complete the full 30-year term of enlistment and exit with an honourable discharge.

    That gets rid of a shedload of migrants, who will then be all too voluble on the topic of "Don't go to Europe, they put you in the Army and post you back out to shitsville forever" which ought to cut the numbers trying to come here. It also parks a substantial peacekeeping force in the Middle East, which can be used to shut down the likes of ISIL and similar collections of arseholes.

    It will finally serve as a very loud wake-up call to Third World nations everywhere, on the lines of "Don't lose control of your banana republic, or the New Colonial forces will rock up and take it away from you".