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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mass Migration.

Self Inflicted Mess.

There are so many unanswered, unacknowledged questions and issues surrounding the tsunami washing over Europe. Not least how on earth did it all be allowed to come about? Are many reasons to be found only symptoms of some other greater political ambition?

Whatever the truth behind the present dreadful crisis we can be sure that the compassion for gain shown by most politicians involved will remain unapologetic for those self same idiots who have engineered this mess now exploited by gangsters and less squeamish scum of mankind.

Listening to the completely opposite mantras now spouted by the Labour "leadership" contenders, to the utterances and mumbled apologies over unfettered immigration, from the same pygmies during the election campaign, is but evidence of the opportunism and shallowness of those responsible for the current crisis. A crisis which, like all wars, will profit some in ways we cannot imagine. Life jacket manufacturers and suppliers to name just one factor!

If we question just a little harder what else might be considered? Well the most glaring has to be the Iraq war. The horrific failure of that illegal venture and intervention quickly followed by identical stupidity in Libya. Afghanistan likewise. 

Is it too large a leap of imagination to suggest that 9/11 opened the door to the turmoil now swirling around our ears? I always believed and subsequently feel proven correct, this atrocity was carried out to attack Western economic strength. I also feel strongly that the Middle Eastern internecine, centuries old conflict has been so awakened by fatuous interventionism as to have created a new industry and tactical weapon in the form of the mass movement of people.

Surely we need to ask why these hordes do not look elsewhere but Western Europe as a destination for refuge. Are not Jordan, Qatar, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries suitable? How many of these migrants are bent on doing harm from within their new host nations?

Moving on, we are forced to listen to the clap trap still mouthed by the EUSSR. Headed, as ever, by the German politicians. How I enjoyed the discomfiture of Schulz when forced to listen to the common sense and criticism, spoken by Viktor Orban. RT, with some justification, also relished this hefty fissure in the gross EUSSR nastiness in all things federal.

As Orban stated, these "refugees" are not so desperate as to not be picky about where they end up. Weirdly, the economic status of their coveted ambitions appears to take precedence over all else. The parents whose child drowned chose their risky course rather than seek refuge in Turkey, we are led to believe.

Also becoming more apparent is the passion the migrants are embracing to avoid detailed checks and scrutiny. Moved out of Budapest, when faced with arriving at such a processing centre, rioting breaks out. Yet surely some checks need to be made? 

Well, if you are moving through most of Europe, the revered, by the Merkels of Europe, Schengen freedoms, reduce to virtually zero, those checks which ought to weed out genuine refuges from illegal economic migrancy. Yet day in day out those bombastic arses running our lives constantly speak utter, fatuous nonsense. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence staring them in the face.

Still, clouds and silver linings. The rift opened up by Orban is every bit as likely to fracture and disperse the whole infamous, crumbling edifice of the vanity project that is the EUSSR, as is the economic failure and debt. Just as Greece swallows even greater, choking levels of debt, they are overwhelmed by expensive, draining, thousands and thousands of migrants. Why not exchange debt relief for migrant accommodation throughout Greece and their Islands?

Not going to happen. Most of the migrants expect the living standards of Western Europeans overnight. That two world wars and decades of hard work went into the relatively comfortable lives of Western nations doesn't come in to it. 

The boasting of humane, decent political Establishments, singing siren songs to the whole world's disaffected peoples is but that. False promises used to hide malignant greed and ambition. Common Purpose with draconian, hidden agendas for enslavement of all but the honoured, compliant few. What an almighty, self made mess. Haunted by the dead hand of the EUSSR and the helpless, hapless, likes of David Cameron and our Establishment dominated by ineffectual, grasping idiots.


  1. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

    Letting this mob into the country will not raise their living standards up to ours, it will drag us down to theirs IMHO...

  2. Amen to every word of this post. Unfortunately, there is sod all that we mere plebs can do about it. Still, perhaps it will prove the ruin of our esteemed political class and not least David "I Am A Fake" Cameron.

  3. I've started an online petition to counter the current wave of emotional knee jerk reaction to bring all these people to the UK. Please support it. It reads :

    Reject calls to open our borders to migrants.

    There is an endless stream of economic migrants and refugees trying to cross Europe to settle in the UK. The government should make it clear that we will not open our borders to them. Divert money from the foreign aid budget to helping genuine refugees in their own regions.

    Click this link to support it

  4. 24 hours have now passed and my petition is still being 'reviewed'

    Makes one wonder how come the contrary view got 'reviewed' so quickly doesn't it?

    You need 5 supporters to get to the 'review' stage that allows it to go live. Mine got 18 within 30 minutes - thanks to all who supported me.

    Wonder how much longer it will take to 'review'? After all, it is the weekend...

  5. I tried to sign, but can't access it, as still "under review" whatever that may mean .....

  6. It's going to be as long a review as Chilcot.