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Saturday, 5 September 2015

How Dare Anyone Question The Establishment.

We Are So Screwed.

As the mass migration of mainly economic chancers continues apace, the lexicon of the scenario changes daily. The once regularly used word, "migrant", now deemed by the chatterati to be questionable. Why? I suggest because it fails to carry sufficient guilt connotation to exploit. Just as those dreadful, careless parents happily set sail from Turkey with their infants given little and scant consideration for their safety, so the "McCann" parenting manual goes from strength to strength. No questions asked of how those awful images happened to have been arrived at.

Actions should speak louder than words but only if the words have been made to fit an agenda of subjugation of Nations once sacrificed, in their millions, over two world wars, to make the world, all of it, a better place. Sadly the might of Common Purpose and the vanity of pipsqueaks in thrall to a new world order have made most of the world, outside the major powers, places intolerable for the poorest.

So an easy solution for those really guilty of the mess that hordes of migrants are creating is to use this movement to further and expedite the death of Nations and the speed to the bottom these migrants have already experienced. I doubt the slums of European ghettos are quite what they are expecting. Places every bit as gross, filthy and lawless as the countries they turn their backs on.

None of this mayhem stops there. This morning the Mail led on the likelihood paedophilia in the top echelons  never has, never could and never will ever take place. These people so cocooned in a web of self-interested invincibility, how else could it be. The same nastiness and cover ups in all matters Establishment just impossible to discover.

As for their grip on our lives. As bad as it is now, this gives us a hint, what is to unfold in the years to come will be many times more horrific. Perhaps the Establishments' belief that only global subjugation, by a small cabal of incestuous insiders, can run human affairs. As mad a concept as that is, the bloodbaths needed, before the reality kicks back in, will make all other conflict, throughout history, seem tame and reasonable.

I suggest this mayhem is a long way off. Yet when I am led to believe that the IS barbarians are at the gates of chemical weapons, I wonder if disaster is closer. How many of these millions of migrants are armed with, if not arsenals of weapons, the knowledge to easily acquire them from "sleepers"? 

One thing looks very certain. White races, the once vanguard of human development and morality, are under awful threat. Not least from the media luvvies too purblind to forego any opportunity to honour us with their false validity and faux compassion. How many of them live and move among the slums and gangster run inner city slums? Not even the cretinous Brand of Edstone love in fame, back in May!

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