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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Finally Some Leadership.

Again Stemming From Putin.
As Russian aerial might pitches in to support Assad against IS and the so called, (sic) moderate, i.e. mates of the West, rebels in Syria, Western "leaders" puff and prate. After years of meddling and catastrophic interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the move and timing by Vlad is, as ever, impeccable.
He knows full well only childish hubris has prevented public admission of the need to aid Assad, by Western minnow leaderships. Already their ignorant interference in Ukraine has shown the paucity of any sense in these political puppets of global corporate, Common Purpose machinations. It is hard not to see the mass migration to Europe as a desirable eventuality by those who see economic growth only in the number of consumers able to flood Nations. Countries already struggling to service present needs, let alone any further unchecked, exponential growth of hungry, demanding mouths.
Furthermore, whilst Putin realises and sees these swarms as Trojan horses concealing untold thousands of potential, well trained terrorists, our lily livered lot promise migrants lodgings to show their bleeding heart credentials in public. I still await, with bated breath, how many the Cooper-Balls are taking on.
At least their wealthy earnings from tax payer funded largess should help bed these peasants down and servants be employed to teach them toilet etiquette. We shall see Ed Balls, ere long, serenading a dozen or so lodgers with his piano skills, whilst Yvette rustles up dinner in one of her many kitchens.
Naturally this brand new politics of Jim Lad will see him probably first to announce new migrant lodgers installed in the London pad. Indeed now his son is on the public purse payroll, with a hefty leftie pay rise, maybe he too will find the wherewithal to accommodate half a dozen of these economic migrants refugees. Thus both men will be well equipped to preach to the rest of us to accept millions at a time to occupy, in every sense, our spare or even well used rooms.
None of this clap trap for Vladimir, though. His people and his Country really do come first. Any hope for a Middle East calming will only come via men and or women of strength allied to an intelligence denied the West post the end of the Cold War. Add to that this same power to do the right thing, Putin's existence may be the only thing able to contemplate pre-emptive nuclear action against the barbaric utterances of IS to use nuclear annihilation as a PR stunt!
Certainly we in Britain can't expect the leftards and their very own Don Quixote, Jim Lad, to do anything but egg them on, it seems. Albeit he wished for an asteroid to do the job. Silly old fool that he now shows himself to be. Our lives in his hands. I don't think so!
One final thought. How come an elected Assad is deemed a tyrant whilst the House of  Saud practice barbarity as a blood sport? Such double standards beloved of the corporate world and their celebrated arms manufacturers and dealers.

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