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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Farage Speaks.

Usual Common Sense.

Vote yes, get this.

Buffoon Turnbull flexed his flabby political muscles against Farage, this morning. Nige, with consummate ease made the minuscule EU puppet look the sycophantic arse Turnbull is. A BBC presenter overpaid, overrated and bordering on lobotomised by his Masters from Brerlin.

One factor Farage pointed out is the profile and activity of the EUSSR fifth columnists. Only the odd Mandleson like figure surfacing, the rest beavering away, hidden but so very dangerous. Note well the Easy Jet boss trailed as the potential "Yes" campaign head. Quelle surprise the enthusiasm for those needing EUSSR licences to operate.

Look closely, too, at the headlines popping up before being quickly stifled. Mass migration one, Ukraine another. Sure their awful and haunting presence breaks through. Usually if some PR spin might add persuasive guilt responses. Why populations should feel guilty over abysmal political activity is beyond me.

I will finish this post with some observations as to where the EUSSR and Common Purpose are taking us.

An expansion to add millions and millions more demand on scarce resources. You will note the omission of Ukraine in that map.

Do you seek just one overwhelming reason for voting to leave this corrupt bunch of Orwellian dictators? How about this ongoing stitch up run by corporations and self interested Common Purpose machinery. A mega deal being done in secret. That's a taster for the future of all EUSSR dealing once Nations have been destroyed, via cultural social destruction.

Running a single Nation's economy is very difficult, on a relatively small scale. Running an economy of 35 disparate European social and financial states a ridiculous ambition. The EUSSR is but one element of a global Common Purpose ambition. Another hare brained empire, doomed to fail. As it is doing.

The undeclared economic war on Russia and China. Deemed better than a military conflict. Regardless of which method is employed, as in all wars, it's the majority who pay in blood and hardship. As is happening right now as once coveted holiday destinations are becoming migrant holding camps of squalor and deprivation for migrants and their enforced hosts.

Those are just a small number of factors which, if understood, would guarantee a "No" vote on a massive scale. I've not mentioned the UK issues such as an NHS unable to cope with unknown, ever increasing demands. Schools likewise. Our inability to nurture our elderly when dwindling resources are diverted to put plasters on the gaping wounds caused by political ineptitude and treacherous self interest.

I doubt there is anyone more able to give voice to all these issues and be listened to, than Farage. Sure there are the intellectual but barely known, if at all, individuals. People such as Richard and his son Peter North. Brilliant and well versed but unable to grasp that in the modern world of populist politics, corporate and global forces, driven by an elitist cabal devoted to the enslavement of our species, intellectual, deeply considered, searching arguments just do not resonate with the masses.

Not only that but petty feuding between passionate "No"  voters will be manna for the EUSSR machine. Indeed millions, if not billions, of our money will be diverted to causing discord and unrest in the EUSSR's opposition groups. If I fear one thing above all else, it is for Farage's future safety. If, as I hope, the "No" vote holds up and even gathers pace and rallies behind UKIP, how far would Common Purpose go? Do they have a track record?

Still, a Muslim dominated Europe is getting ever closer. So what's a rigged referendum matter? As much as people believed the Battle of Britain mattered, in truth.


  1. it seems the 'buffoon turnbull' link is the wrong one. any chance you can post the right one --- pleeeease !

  2. Poppa Bear, link was to the Farage piece. Turnbull was trotted out this morning to spout anti UKIP/ Farage drivel.