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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Back On Line.

So Much Happened In A Week Of Politics And Migration.

Some would have us believe these crowds are Corbyn supporters. They may become such if we allow unfettered immigration to continue. However the reality is that more migrants are entering Western Europe each week than voted for Jez. As for the public face of the Labour Party, it is many times more ugly than any alternative. Well, except Vince Cable, maybe!

A begrudging respect for Corbyn's perceived honesty to his principles pales dramatically as the Union Barons garner their power and public self promotion. The manner these Union bosses parade their "disgust" at the better off in society and the middle classes and aspirational generations, is breathtaking in its hypocrisy. These moronic chancers, rich on the back of members' extorted subscriptions shames the history of the Trade Union movement.

As for the migrant crisis. In a matter of just a few hours, Merkin's wig fell from her nether regions to expose the sheer incompetence of her declarations on "open borders" and the welcome speech for millions not even the vast land mass of her Nation could manage. 

This article poses the death of Schengen. Since a policy which would always be stillborn in its conception and stupidity has proven such under real pressure, Germany and Holland following the common sense shown by Hungary is amazing. Do the same to the pathetic common currency and we really will be at the end game of this corrupt and unwanted dictatorship.

Were this mass exodus be also an ISIL Trojan horse yet help free us all from the EUSSR yoke, what a result that might be! Whatever, this political bloc in the image of the old USSR is proving unworkable when really tested. Needs closing down sooner rather than later. 

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