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Monday, 21 September 2015


First A Computer Scam Then Personal Stuff.

My apologies for absence over these past two weeks or so. A "printer Epson support scam" caught both myself and a neighbour out big time. Beware any manufacturers "support" chat offers. After days of the clip above like frustration, a lot of new, expensive kit and a salutary lesson learnt, that issue is mostly sorted. Albeit the war between Microsoft and Google continues to make all our lives less than comfortable. Now, this morning, it seems even Apple  Mac is the subject of cyber attack. So much for IT improving our lives!

My next issue is a personal one involving two major ops for Mrs OR in less than one year. I hope to bring her home today but will need six weeks or so caring for. Prognosis is excellent but one only knows if all is mended when the healing is complete. 

I have missed my blogging. It's good therapy, better than the reaction in the clip above! If my posts also strike chords elsewhere, all the better. On that note, as ever, we live in interesting times. Many pundits are hinting that our world's economy is about to implode yet again. At no time do the PTB idiots reflect on history.

The pursuit of power and influence garnered via massive personal, government and corporate debt liabilities is stupid beyond credibility. A way forward, obvious but beyond the meagre intelligence of erstwhile leaders. In 2008 people's personal, often miss sold dubious products, had put millions across the globe into unsustainable debt. Led by the likes of Snotty's silly, deranged statements such as "No more boom and bust" shady money laundering banksters went berserk.

After the collapse of these ponzi like schemes and "financial instruments", the perpetrators were rewarded by politicians, the poor suckers like thee and me were worked over and then some. Subsequently those same tactical manipulations of debt and obligation were rolled out as if nothing had gone wrong just a few short years ago.

On a different topic. Some clowns were demanding this morning teachers be trained in child psychology to help children cope with depression and angst. Problems created via a political demand parents both work to keep debt plates spinning. In the days long gone when you only bought that which you could afford and saved for luxury items, kids were very much less demanding and mega, global disastrous collapses were minimised. Guess what, those self same kids often went on to be successful, enjoy social mobility and depression was something from the 1930s!

A further item today was a scaremongering, bullying charity organisation's report on dementia. A statement designed to attract ever more giving and government support, (cash). No doubt hefty salary increases for the "bosses" of said unpleasant folk. Hardly a day goes by without. having to brush aside half a dozen charity "reports". Let alone the "award winning" sympathy shots of millions of economic migrants now seemingly overnight, all of them refugees. As if.

Next time you watch these stage managed migrant reports ask yourself how many are truly believable. Very few.


  1. Hope everything goes ok for your wife.
    Have missed you blogging but family always comes first. Best of luck.

  2. Thank you Anon. Mrs OR is doing very well, I'm relieved to say.