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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Whither The Swarm?

Soon, Perhaps, The Cotswolds?

This crowd of sad flotsam and third world migrants took over Park Lane circa three years ago. I wonder if their number has soared since and do they still squat in Park Lane? Probably not. More likely dispersed into the slums and ghettos which swell daily in and around our Capital.

My wife often remarks on the panic in that, well educated but banal, dim wit Turnbull's face, of abject fear, during the rioting of 2011. As he sat on the cosy BBC Breakfast sofa reporting on the violent unrest he suddenly realised it was but a short distance from his "middle class ghetto", thought to be immune from the consequences of the chatterati's liberal love in of all things migrant. As many must have been taken aback at the slum dweller's occupation of Park Lane.

Well the ever more obvious and glaring failure of the EUSSR's Schengen agreement to abolish EU border checks is beginning to bite very hard. However the utter stupidity of the pathetic bureaucrats, so ensconced in their selfish bubbles of smug arrogance, will take many years before the truth dawns. Not even the ever growing rise of extremism, replaying the history of the 1930s, will be recognised.

It does beg the question, what will it take to tear down the straw barricades of globalisation and corrupt capitalism? This recent stock market turmoil goes virtually unremarked by the globalists, shrugged off as a China problem the West can apparently ignore, whilst their Western corporate reach remains seemingly so much greater. That may be true just now but not if a major power feels marginalised and chooses to flex their muscles. Especially as Europe begins to be unable to hide significant cracks in its experiment of social engineering and ethnic cleansing of white populations.

As for what will it take to get real action from political conspirators in this federal, gross ambition? Perhaps a huge demographic change in their heartlands such as the Cotswolds. Chipping Camden turned into a centre for migrant housing on a grand scale. George Osborne does wish to have such rural development for the good of the rural environment. (?)

So how about we begin with the Cotswolds and see how, twenty years on, two or three new, large towns, wholly occupied by disadvantaged, poverty stricken migrants fare? Assuming the success of these new, vibrant, multi cultural, once rural developments and the joy with which the wealthy former inhabitants embrace the new spectacle of defecation, urination and crime, so beloved of Tower Hamlets' cultural excellence, role out across swathes of other beautiful rural settings, would be unarguable.

The Lake District, Home Counties, Cornwall, Devon, The Peak District. Easily filled with the migrant numbers pouring into Europe and travelling virtually unchecked across every corner. Once the success of the Cotswold experiment is realised, sorted. Britain alone becoming home to 200 or even 300 hundred million consumers. Job done, off to some more palatable location for those made rich from the chaos.


  1. Perhaps we could reverse the Highland clearances?

  2. I rather suspect that Northern Ireland could do with some migrants to help with its population problems. I'm nearly certain that a massive influx of muslims would assist the catholics and protestants there in putting aside their differences in the face of a new enemy...

  3. "Perhaps we could reverse the Highland clearances?" Yes indeed , if we can't stop them getting in we could at least get them all together on some uninhabited little island off the coast up there, give them a sack of seed potatoes and a spade and let them get on with it, could even provide the R.N. with some good gunnery practice as they patrolled its shoreline 24/7/365

  4. Sorry, but I suspect they will assert their rights to go to the urban areas where they already have contacts and family in many cases. A few may attempt the more rural areas tempted by the lack of policing but the absence of other facilities they expect will be a deterrent.