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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Spiteful Left.

Nought Matters But Their Own Orwellian Future Plans.

I think not.

This philosophy is so blatantly untrue. (Please visit these images only with great care). This horrific link is proof of that lie. The pictures in the link illustrate the cruelty of nature and sometimes medical interventions and drug therapies gone wrong. "Equality" is very much not in evidence for such poor creatures.

Furthermore genetic and DNA inherited material often determines intelligence and character. Issues well understood in animal husbandry and breeding. I suggest the whole element of breeding is one not discussed sufficiently and racially produced aspects not given proper study or credence. 

From this initial standpoint also comes natural traits evolved over millennia. The grouping together into family units and tribes is one major such evolvement into modern human beings' social existence. That collective unit used for protection, survival and mutual support. A development into ever larger and more successful groups, helping to make the survival of our species more likely.

Today political manipulation and theory is deemed more relevant to our lives than basic, natural instinct. Particularly the leftard tendency but also the Common Purpose, corporate crowd. Both screaming their way is best and that the "ends justify the means". Were that so. Both really want their own misguided nastiness to triumph for the few wedded to such ignorant philosophies.

Mass migration is also giving rise to the sheer stupidity of diluting "tribes" and National identities. People need to identify with a sense of shared personal security and belonging. To share in doing good whilst retaining decency and protection for the weakest in the environment a people exist. These natural elements of human nature are now deemed past their sell by date.

That is just not so. Yet the dismantling of these tenets of human existence is today, arrogantly dismissed by those who would change us as creatures. Such activity is reported as such a pathetic display in Calais of foolish and ignorant stupidity and utter naivety. All these idiots are doing is the work of that ghastly bunch, the EUSSR.

A fact glaringly shown in the ever more desperate statements from that corrupt grasper, dictator and despot, "I Claudius" Juncker. Yet another example of gross inability to cater for the reality of existence, survival and inequality. Sadly it is the arrogance of modern thinking that assumes mixing races, dismantling identity family units and Nationhood is a good thing. Yet still trotted out, when it suits, to support migrants wishing to join relatives and fellow nationals elsewhere than their own countries of origin.

Thus enclaves grow up in every part of the Globe and migrant destinations. From gentile Brit settlements in Provence and Malaga to the ghettos and slums of London and other major cities. Each grouping bringing its own economic and social mores. Ergo, the French benefit a thousandfold compared to those  inundated with the poorer migrant "swarms" elsewhere. It's not racism, its human nature and the inequalities of our very life on Earth. 

We can social engineer all we like, nature will triumph and the luckiest in the lottery of birth will always do best. When we develop an understanding as to how this can benefit better the less fortunate we might progress. Mass migration is most definitely not the answer. Quite the opposite as despotism and nepotism is allowed ever greater freedom to dominate. 

Socialists amongst the most guilty of hypocrisy in action. A philosophy which promotes creatures such as this into the "some are more equal than others"realm of natural selection. Born into a wealthy family and grown fat on her sense of self righteousness covering her inbred sense of entitlement. Lauded to the skies by the luvvies and the PR experts now at the top of political parties. Just as was Savile and Cyril Smith, to name but two "pillars" of the cosy, London based, in the main, chatterati.


  1. I agree with your analysis, that is why I live in New Zealand. As a professional geneticist, I also know that we are not all born equal. Nature is cruel and unrepentant. IQ is mostly determined by genetic factors, environment is secondary. However, leftist agendas would like you to think otherwise and disregard hard scientific data to the contrary.

    Not all folk are genetically favoured. For every tall, blond, wickedly handsome, intelligent Flaxen Saxon, there are a 1,000 dolts and dullards. Perhaps it is time to stop importing the intellectual dross from the cess pit's of the world. Border controls are weak, as is the political will. Frankly, I'm glad I'm entering my dotage and I will not be alive when the full fruits of our 'weakness' come to pass. But frankly, I fear for my children and granddkids......

  2. And there is population growth over the last 60 years. All the extra people and especially the loose young men will go to where they have the chance of going especially if they see incentives. Others will follow and in numbers. To assume that there are no serious implications is plain daft.

  3. Flaxen, I approach.....