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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The New Sabbath.

Sunday Reserved For Politics And Self.

Church going is fading fast. Sundays now becoming either a political drenching or else selfish, lazy eating out indulgence. That excuse for news channel shoved this irrelevant observation into the day, yet failed dismally to point out the more salient reasons for the decline.

Families are now rarely two parents. Modern technology and that awful "social media" attention getting rubbish, together with televisions the size of cinema screens, all point to factors making "family" meals together less and less frequent. As is any activity which might deny corporate marketing opportunities or political trespass, on a once regarded day or rest.

 The political pouring over newspaper revelations, headlines or smut are now given huge credence and tend to gloss over any decency or possible worthwhile presentations. The crie de jour always trotted out endlessly with little or no resistance from a bewitched consumer society. Migrants the present pottage served up n lieu of a family repast.

That particular broth of predictable awfulness is but another example of the crass incompetence of Common Purpose. People with an ambition doomed to the failures of every historic precedence for attempted domination of the human race. All such ambition only marked by the eventual drift into war and futility.

Still, sometimes politics does produce a degree of farce better than any fictional drama. Usually, though not always, headed by the Labour Party and leftards. This leadership contest possibly the greatest pop corn seller of all time! A blockbuster, no less!

Whatever Corbyn's leadership might provide, post the choice being made, we can still hope for a further few years of "handbags at dawn" from the leftie girls and cries of anguish from the socialist dynasty of the hypocritical, inherited privilege of nepotism. Bliar, Mandleson, the Kinnocks, Straws, Harmans et al. People so convinced their crony rule of self entitlement was guaranteed for generations.

Union Barons tied to the same mindset now bereft at the potential tumbling of this house of cards, built on the backs of workers duped into believing the rump of the old, genuine socialist sense of fairness still existed. People blind to the expense accounts of their upper echelon in Parliament and Union halls of greed for wealth and power over protest, rather than for people and causes. 

I make no apology for repeating this link. A scary but plausible reason for our present existence, surely? Better a family roast and get together than that tract's wake up call, presumably?

For the record, Mrs OR and myself will share a venison roast this evening, round a table! What better protest than that!

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