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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Quelle Surprise (s)!

Oh Dear.

What have these two got in common? Lots. Both once very powerful. Both led most questionable lives but above all that, both dead. Still, an enquiry, as in depth as that into Savile would be fascinating. Quelle surprise one.

Number two, our Tessa. Just taken on yet another fat pay cheque so "bash" anyone but herself for the failure of "her" Olympic legacy. These folk know how it all works. Shady spouse, failed Minister and all round snout at trough goes from riches to riches. 

As for that Olympic legacy, just remember how much it all cost for a Nation bankrupt beyond imagination. Then those responsible, Labour, appoint themselves as "receivers". As in all bankruptcies the "receivers" get paid before anyone else. So here is such an individual. Now paid to sell the Olympic debacle as anything but a financial disaster for the tax payer. Nothing changes. Quelle surprise.

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