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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Overcrowded Britain.

No Will By Government To Change The
 Demographic, Anytime Soon.

The Civil Service tail continues to wag the dog of public desire for an end to mass immigration. An example of woolly mammoth thinking can be found here, another smug bureaucrat toeing the EUSSR line.

It beggars belief how this huge swathe of migration can genuinely be accommodated, whilst ensuring the welfare of the indigenous population. Hospitals, regardless of those chosen to staff them, are creaking under the weight of unforeseeable numbers, schools likewise. A shock horror headline recently bemoaned the developing crisis of secondary school places. Strangely no one thought of this five years ago when the identical crisis hit primary school shortages.

The lack of any decent planning for present numbers pales into insignificance when matched with the vast numbers arriving every day of the week. Yet our grossly incompetent Civil Service and political Establishment blithely draw their bowstrings tunelessly and meaninglessly across their cracked violins as the Nation burns with seething fire.

An item in the media today spoke of the unhappiness of young people in the UK today. No mention of the real situation, naturally. The breakdown of family life, the free for all flats and houses for single mothers, a Comprehensive education system so flawed and useless as to garnered the opprobrium of the Archangel Blair and called a thirty year failed experiment.

Add the overwhelming demands of non-English speaking hundreds of thousands of pupils over the years gone and still to come, the slums, sink estates and ethnic ghettos and the misery of the young just mirrors that of their parents. The politicians' answer? Build and build and build more and more concrete jungles to cram full with criminals, the feckless and the illiterate third world flotsam and jetsam.

Where to build all these new towns and unhappy conurbations? Easy, those places who still have the temerity to be happy, uncrowded and harbour genuine communities in the countryside. Green and pleasant land maybe but not for much longer.

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