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Sunday, 16 August 2015

My Jaw Aches With Laughter!

Snotty Let Out For A Day.

In order to woo the loony fringe of the electorate this professional mad man of incalculable lunacy was trotted out today. One assumes with the same panic over Corbyn gaining the poison chalice as shown by the desperadoes of the Scottish referendum vote.

To prove the man's utter loss of pretence over his and Labours' attitude and disdain for the Country, he quite shamelessly announces that to be in power is more important than any pretence of morality or decency. "Mr Brown went on: "It is not a mistake to want power. It is not a mistake to do what is necessary to get back to power."

This is the maniac who gave away our gold reserves, screwed the banks with the help of a crony and cohort mate and poured arrogant, superior scorn and vitriol scorn on Mrs Duffy. Note the parrot like mantra, without one jot of truth or reality spewed forth at the start of his meeting with the dear lady.

What is even more laughable and hilarious is that the Labour hierarchy, fighting a civil war they look like losing, should think trotting out this poor, delusioned and mentally ill cretin and his peculiar presence, gestures and gurning lockjaw affliction is or could be beneficial. 

Is he brought out after the total lack of any positive response to Bliar's brief appearance? If so, the embarrassment factor connected to both self seeking narcissists won't be forgotten easily by the sane element of the electorate. You know, the ones who bloodied Labour twice in just over five years!

Note too Burnham's answer as to would he serve under a Corbyn leadership. His reply was telling. May I offer an interpretation of that reply, "I will do anything necessary to cling to the income and kudos of a Shadow Cabinet post whatever its hue". 

Just you watch, if Corbyn does win, his erstwhile opponents will queue round the block to sign up. Their argument will be, as Kinnock's was, about accepting a peerage to be able to reform the Lords from within! Self serving prats. Take us all for fools and then demand we vote for them. Well, we didn't, twice, so far! Whatever, Labour just now, is a gift which keeps on giving!


  1. Every time Blair or Brown open their mouths, Corbyn gains support and Labour loses another 10,000 votes.
    But perhaps they intend this? It seems almost impossible that the string-pullers cannot see how poisonous these disgusting creatures are. Are they part of a long-term plan, aiming at the 2025 election, as they consider 2020 is already lost?

  2. I wonder if their attitude is that post 2020 we'll be subsumed into an EUSSR and this bunch of New Labour left overs will get big fat rewards for their help in bringing the UK to its knees.

  3. Again brilliant, you've got their measure allrighty :-) Feel better for reading this stuff.