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Friday, 21 August 2015

Labour, Even Funnier Than Expected.

Achingly Hilarious!

Edstone is obviously missing the cameras and attention which is now reeling round the leadership show. A show set up and choreographed by our stone faced joker above. Now sporting a beard, in a possible show of support for Stalin  
Comrade Corbyn, it appears his mental state may be showing signs of his old boss's weird demeanor. 

Nor is he alone. Eyelashes Burnham is chasing shadows of concealed and perceived populism. The man is terrified he faces abject anonymity on the back benches and a track record which includes the genocidal Mid-Staffs debacle all threatening the usual lush sinecures many ex ministers enjoy. How Pandy must wish he'd chosen this dishonourable route to obscure but wealthy non entity.

Still, Burnham has another few days as warm up stooge for the final performance of the Labour in meltdown show. So he's desperately trying to milk what rare media attention he can garner. However his flip flop stage routine has left him dying at every performance and you can hear the slow hand claps, despite efforts to mute them by the despairing BBC lefties.

Wasn't Andy's pleading request for a job in Corbyn's Secretariat a hoot. Perhaps Shadow Minister for flip flopping! 

Still, Andy Pandy is not the only comedian or should that be comedienne? Note Mrs Balls, earnest, frowning and a perfect, up to date performance, as St Trinian's headmistress, Miss Fritton! Scolding ineffectually her schoolchildren 
membership for failing to hide their genuine, even if outdated and nonviable, political ideology. As for the almost invisible Liz Kendall. The token bit of glamour to keep the Union misogynists at bay. As if that would work.

Many of the last thirty years of Labour big wigs have besmirched all sense of honesty and barely kept hidden their real, personal, career enhancing motives for political notoriety. Just as Hoon blatantly nurtured a big fat job, through judicious benevolence and moral corruption, whilst in office, so has Bliar and Imelda, the Kinnocks, Mandleson, Reid and many others.

All of those role models for using political opportunism, especially socialism, to get rich on the backs of taxpayers,  left the rump of their still clinging on crowd, such as Yvette "Fritton" and Andy Pandy, struggling to grasp they've been rumbled. Their public appearances now resembling the time when they could likely have been fastened into a set of stocks! 

"Stocks, devices used internationally, in medieval, Renaissance and colonial American times as a form of physical punishment involving public humiliation".

So the show goes on. Will the level of first class comedy be maintained? I not only think it will but continue long after the farce of the contest has waned. I do hope so. The idea that the Government will be worse for want of a credible opposition is something I doubt. 

First of all they, this Government, are just the best of a bad bunch and Labour have never been, in opposition, more than a whingeing, self righteous crowd of know alls. People whose time in Office, over and over again, has been disastrous for our Country. Mass immigration, economic buffoonery, illegal, bloody wars and slavish forelock tugging to the EUSSR, to name but a few of their incompetencies.

Anyhow, as summer wanes, with the same inevitability as the Labour Party is doing as a political entity of any significance, we can be consoled with the likelihood that the comedy show that is now the standard barer of the leftard immaturity that is socialism, will continue for some years to come. 

Names may change but the farcical, albeit once dangerous Labour Party, probably led by a second generation Kinnock, should be good for a joke for whatever is left of my life. I may well choose a newspaper from this period to be buried with me! Probably the one with headline "Corbyn appoints Len McCluskey as Chancellor in the EUSSR State of Never Never Land". 


  1. Good article, Rightie.

    I'm getting sick and tired of them banging on about all these new affiliate members paying their 3 quid to scupper Labour. Apparently they're all Tory activists.

    Like fuck they are! The VAST majority are being paid for by the unions to replace their lost block vote. Unite have reportedly signed up around 100,000 which, at £3 a head paid for by Unite, looks like a cheap deal.

    Funny nobody is highlighting this on the MSM isn't it?

  2. Funny if it were not so bloody dangerous. My only pleasure is seeing the rump of Bliar's lot shafted. Particularly Burnham Mid-Staffs and Mrs Testicles.