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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How Brits Once Had To Get Into Europe.

With Great Risk Of Not Making It.

After 70 years of global political incompetence and corporate greed for wealth and power, the tide has been brilliantly turned and the traffic is the other way. An invasion of these Islands by illiterate, traitors to their own countries, grasping and illegal migrants. The majority hell bent in taking and little idea as to the meaning of the word giving.

Despite a 2014 total reported as $135 billion, people still determine staying put is not as desirable as seeking the perceived easy life in the West. One bought on the back of two world wars and decades of effort to share wealth held by very few. An effort which still, though very successful, leaves millions to live a life of stress, financial hardship and difficulty.

So were the sacrifices and lives lost, particularly as shown above, worth it? Were the following consequence what was dreamt of? These are the majority who are daily entering, illegally, the UK. Some "D" day re-run.

One step to stop much of this is to scrap schengen. Instead it is sacrosanct for those ignorant, stupid, unelected scum in Brussels. The result is a steady transfer of African National and tribal warring factions into European battlegrounds, at the behest of the Establishment classes.

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