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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Funny How Evil Triumphs Every Time.

Never Mind The Dead Ted Heath.

The picture illustrates a rare moment when this popinjay piece of incalculable excrement got a brief moment similar to the huge volume his privileged, nepotistic socialist hierarchy has dumped on the rest of us for decades. One would hope the Lord of The Rings Janner enquiry or some such other might out this creature but with his EUSSR cronies behind him, literally, probably, his exposure for what he is will remain in the dark.

How this ghastly excuse of a human being survives is gross. Like his playthings, such as Bliar and Snotty, Kiddyfiddler Mandleson goes from riches to vast wealth seamlessly. I suspect the depths of depravity he keeps on file over his own and others exploitation, slithers through the deepest and most ugly abuses known to the animal kingdom, helps divert unwanted attention.

Mandleson's latest bit of slimy forelock tugging and treachery is to be learnt of in this latest grasping of pieces of silver.  What immense remuneration this "advice" will entail, to swell this pimp's already vast coffers we can only guess at. As with many of the Establishment, including Corbyn, the EUSSR is sacrosanct for their own personal gain and greed for power.

This is but one of the more public pieces of unsavoury albeit smoky gossip. One which tells of the merry-go-round of homosexual ring craft, morally abhorrent regardless of proclivity. A vast library exists, as the link points to, which rarely garners more than a passing raised eyebrow, before disappearing from view.

The post Savile ruckus, now barely remembered and the usual cloak of procrastination and never to be published inquiries, which might threaten the cosy world of an Establishment which makes Caligula's reign seem innocent, all show the seemingly unstoppable levels of abuse poured over the public. Such endemic, powerful arrogance and sense of entitled invincibility is quite breathtaking.

The secrets these moronic and depraved people hold would destroy many with any degree of conscience or sense of morality. Sadly this gross evil appears genetic. Our only salvation being that, in most cases, the sexual orientation of such as Mandleson ought to preclude genetic legacy. Yet in practicing abuse they are still able to nurture others into becoming clones to their own filthy and bloodstained images.

As for cover ups. Chilcot leads the way in how to earn millions through the protection rackets these inquiries become. A further such get rich quick scheme in place. The article tells us the going rate for this largess and how it is proportional to the level of abuse it is required to cover up. The needless deaths of adult troops in illegal wars trumped by the need to suppress the more likely anger to be had over child abuse.

When did we last hear of this woman's work getting underway with a sense of urgency to get justice for the victims? Or better still, protect those presently suffering, as I post? She's most likely spending August back home in New Zealand. 

What about the barbaric grooming practices of our never ending new flood of "citizens" filling our streets? People able to ape their Establishment peers in the knowledge their behaviour will be "understood" by an Establishment of high ranking police, judges and politicians turned on by the very cruelty they so indulge for themselves.

Is this "how it's done", "the way of the world", "it was ever thus". Well, if that is so, we should hang our heads in shame for refusing to demand it be stopped. Sadly, I suspect only a massive holocaust will change anything. In the meantime, proles, suck it up and praise the Lord for such as Mandleson. 

Someone who, in his own mad, deluded arrogance, believes himself the second coming, rather than the spawn of Satan, squeezed from centuries of filth and the sewers of grotesque evil. He and his cohorts a waste of human skin and no better than the barbarians in IS and the IRA. The latter who note what a good career option terrorism has become. 

Terror often poured on innocent children, (ask Gerry Adams about that), as the rest of us are helpless to prevent and walk by on the other side, even if desperate for the courage it would take to cry "enough is enough". 

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