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Friday, 14 August 2015


Is This The Popcorn Event Of The Century To Date?

After Labour thought their Bliar built, Brown debacle years were just fine, and a "new"dynasty was born, along came a lost election and a leadership contest. Look at them above when the three stooges thought Corbyn was a token and no more than such, compared to the hysteria and panic now!

The old guard remnants, to Corbyn's right, smug, full of certainty that a top job and shadow cabinet salary was but a few weeks in the wilderness away, stare at their believed "joke" of an adversary as though he was but an irritant. Burnham's expression shows fully the arrogant self entitlement he considers a right. Despite his nasty hand in the genocide that was his Mid-Staffs NHS Trust tenure. Some mistake, what?

Forgotten is their collective worship of Bliar and his warmongering illegality, their part in those NHS scandals, cronyism and so easy transfer to Snotty's grace and favour. The wrecked economy, mass immigration now brazenly admitted as a mistake. One, which, however, is irreversible and already destroying the Nation we once loved and cared for. 

Forgotten is their cosy creation of nepotism and a modern dynasty of new, aped aristocratic privilege, self entitlement and family hand downs or should that be leg ups? Behaviour so hated but envied and just fine if within their own, cosy spheres of influence. Stephen Kinnock, now installed in the safe seat of Aberavon but one example. A golden boy of privilege and family inheritance and about as much a working class lad as Corbyn is a descendant of Little Lord Fauntleroy.

A Labour Party now made up of people grown obscenely rich out of a facade of socialism and justice bent, twisted and corrupted to suit their own lust for power and greed for money. Mandleson, Bliar, the Kinnocks. Jack "the lad" Straw, Hoon the deservedly named "hoon of hoons", now on mega bucks with a firm he no doubt favoured with our money. Harman and her "gay" porn weirdo hubby, Dromey, another pair hoping to pass on their seats and connections to their offspring. Sick with a genetic hypocrisy, all of them.

That's but a handful of these so called Labour folk. Remember the angst and faux sorrow by the BBC and their ilk, the shock in Brussels when this favoured, corrupt and treacherous crowd lost the election and wondered why? Only then to wash their hands of any guilt for the Granite Clown Miliband and to happily have Corbyn in the leadership farce to act as a sop to the hard left and their mirror image hypocrites, the Union Barons.

It's quite delicious, albeit costly for  of us, as the present Government wrestle with the fallout of the inherited, scorched earth ruin of Gordon Brown and his acolytes, Bliar's hand me downs. Of course, the austerity we may never overcome and the debt around the Nation's necks is, to this lot, (here Corbyn very much included), nothing to do with their 13 years in profligate and mismanaged power or the utter failure of quasi socialist ideology.

That ideology suited, at best, to the playgrounds of so called Universities and centres of immature, spoilt, ill mannered teenagers, without one ounce of sense to know that life is tough and free lunches reserved for the manipulative, socialist fat cats we are discussing.

My gloating is tempered of course. These idiots still remain dangerous as "sleepers" for their EUSSR masters. Likewise the Mandarins and many Cabinet Ministers, led by Cameron. I still pray for an Establishment melt down and rise of a hard right, no nonsense Party. Corbyn as Labour Leader might well help!

If the Labour Party were to split asunder just remember where the rump of the last split ended. An alliance with the Liberals and the grand total of eight MPs today! My shares in popcorn look better than in Bankster bonds!


  1. It I recall the story of Little Lord Fauntleroy correctly, he would make an admirable leader of the Labour Party. As for Corbyn, go back far enough and there is a statistical probability that the upper classes may be found tucked up in the corner of the ancestral attic. How about an Earl of Cardigan?

  2. Brilliant post, I'm coming here more often:-)