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Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Glorious Sunny Morning.

What's Not To Enjoy?

I am transfixed by the sheer misery and hourly predictions of doom and economic collapse spouted by John Ward, available here for but one example. The world of human existence has always gone through cycles of disaster. Economic and self inflicted or natural disaster.

If death's constant lurking presence should tell us one thing, it is count every day as capable of some joy or quiet reflection as to life's richness, regardless of the opposite aspects. One mitigates the other. To that end, the coming rest of August and into September promises some wonderful weather, mostly. So one little nutmeg of enjoyment can be had checking out the ever jolly Quentin Letts's observations this week just gone.

His wholly accurate and justifiable attack on the profligate, self opinionated and truly ghastly Met Office shows how easily our Establishment blows billions on self interested and corrupt quangos. If we add to this the fake charities and blustering but thick and now exposed as such, Alan Yentobs of this mad world of priviled arrogance, we can indeed give thanks to modern life and communications!

The fact that exposure can now be shown by ordinary people and your average blogger Jocks, gives a modicum of outlet for vexation and a relief from angst. John Ward probably does this by dumping his obsessive gloom onto those of us who struggle to switch off visiting!

Sure the world is tough but it was ever thus. So if my forecast of sunny weeks to come is correct, enjoy and store up some vitamin D for the winter! Have a great weekend.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about, or because of, John Ward.

    He confidently predicted that Greece would be expelled from the Eurozone over the Easter weekend of 2012, and he's been wrong in practically all his other predictions too.

    A grumpy mistaken Cassandra imho.

    (And yes I know Cassandra turned out to be correct - but so far, Ward hasn't).

    You have a(nother) great weekend too!