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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Decent Argument.

Here's A Rebuttal.

This is a link to the iPlayer catch up. and a further link to the narrator, a certain Byron Vincent. If ever an individual merits the lauding of the BBC children of socialism it is he. However my post is not an attack on the guy or even the minnows pretending to be whales at the oh so politically correct and ignorant BBC.

The essay delivered by Vincent was done with attention getting assuredness and was a very adept, indeed brilliant espousal of the effects of ones surroundings and environment. It went on to, unfortunately, lay responsibility on the shoulders of the middle classes and Daily Mail readers and suggest that, regardless of any other factors, an underclass and the slums they inhabit, come about solely because of the guilt of everyone else outside that existence.

It  was also disappointing to realise that his brilliantly presented argument will have been swallowed, hook line and sinker, by the intellectually lazy, young firebrands of the seductive, siren calling of the left. Calls with not one jot of any historic success in ridding our Nation and others, of the scourge of poverty, slums and a stubbornly unmovable underclass.

It is a vast subject, nature or nurture. Too many left wing soothsayers choose to use nurture as their platform in order to, as Vincent does, lay the ills of the underclass on everyone who may either have escaped those shackles or be born free of them anyway. That a solution to these scenarios and divisions rests with a dilution of dwelling places and a more varied mix of residential status is a nonsense.

Post the second world war many, many people were moved out of back to back housing and into tower blocks. As their "chicken coop" stacks failed socially, new housing developments were built. Just as with tower blocks, huge swathes of these houses were rapidly wrecked and quickly reverted to slums and ghettos. The whole process made worse by piling onto the rubble, millions of migrants.

Migrants for whom these estates became centres of cultural dominance and religious, alien practices. A major factor in the whole global debacle of human existence is what might be deemed an unnatural explosion of the human race. Something socialism or any nurturing approach to fulfilling all this demand is doomed to fail. Indeed it does.  

There are very many other issues surrounding the debate and discussion on "nature or nurture". If an individual possesses a genetic propensity to negative behaviour this is surely only enhanced by the opportunities provided to indulge in that inherited character? Ergo, can genetics be dismissed and nurture produce well balanced, kind, decent people, purely by nurture?

Does the socialist provision of benefits, housing and the reward of fecklessness, carried out by Labour governments over many decades, be said to have allowed nurture to triumph? Has Labours' record lifted millions out of the slums and sink estates and been successful? Or has, arguably, Baroness Thatcher's way been more successful?

She offered house ownership to any who could only have dreamt of such. Those in vast council estates and who were in work, often employment brought about by her policies, bought those houses and even today many of their families have benefit from those legacies. An irony which showed well intended nurture could actually work, when combined with natural pride to do well and be self sufficient. 

Qualities loathed by the left because they conserve family ideals, a sense of handing down advantages and help to children born to two parent families. Marriage, for all its faults, a proven haven for allowing nurture to support nature. Even when nature may have produced less than adequate advantages.

I did find Vincent's presentation quite excellent. Unfortunately I was disappointed by his ever so slightly smug solutions. We are born with complex, genetic characteristics which shape how we respond to the world around us. Wonderful, loving parents are a major factor in the outcomes for many and how their lives evolve.

However such parenting, in the main, is now more prevalent in the middle classes. That they seek to preserve that status is human nature. Even when those people who castigate such values have the chance to apply them, guess what? They do.

Furthermore those very same middle classes provide much of the "pull factor" for millions across the globe. Few who realise their destinations are the very ghettos and sink estates Vincent would share with those who, by whatever effort, have escaped them.


  1. It's been my personal experience that with certain people the stuff they get for nothing, no matter how much cost or work went into it, is not valued at all and ends up just being trashed, I wash my hands of them.

  2. Anon, some of those people trash Calais even before getting into crowded Britain.