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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Why Would Anyone Choose To Be In The EU?

An Incompetent Bunch Of Bureaucratic Crooks.

Day after day reports of the flotsam and jetsam of grasping, arrogant young chancers, referred to as migrants, continue the mass overwhelming of the UK and its easy come easy go beneficence. How these hordes manage to traverse huge mileages across Europe to camp out, whilst looking to illegally enter the benefit Utopia that Labour and our Establishment have created, astounds me.

Were the useless and moronic EUSSR to operate according to their own edicts then these terrorist infiltrated "migrants" should never get as far as Calais and certainly not within striking distance of the UK. The pun in that last sentence is intentional. You cannot fail to have noticed our EU funded media always seek out the odd woman or child to add some kind of credibility to these migrants journeys to exploitation.

Yet when the hundreds or even thousands of these feckless youths kick off the media is unable to quite so easily get the sympathy images. The manipulation and control is sublime. Sadly, like most evil perpetrated by human beings, the negative actions are often brilliant whilst the core need of sensible, positive competence goes awry. 

The mess the EU freedom of movement, Federal ambition for an undemocratic Union and utter Teutonic lack of flexible thought makes the EUSSR a nightmare organisation. Perhaps as the Germans wish. Down the road, regardless of any sensitivity, we can see Berlin stepping in as de facto interim head of a Europe only to ready to capitulate under economic Armageddon as a perceived alternative.

Remind you of something? Such a tactic is under way in Greece, watch for another swathe of EU riot police on Greek soil. Who with a brain cell wants to be part of this eventual slavery?


  1. Q. How do Italians get rid of illegal immigrants?
    A. Send them to France

    Q. How do the French get rid of illegal immigrants?
    A. Send them to the UK

    I think that coves it?...

  2. Absolutely but hopefully it's all unravelling.