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Monday, 27 July 2015

Whither Decency?

Or Decency Has Withered.

My picture shows possibly the greatest politician who never was. The latest scandal exposed, of a pathetic member of "The Pigs At The Public Trough Society", tells us much about the qualities required to attain a peerage and high office in our present state of debauchery as a Nation.

The cringe worthy, sneering arrogance of this man can be heard as he postures a display of unutterable, pompous and gross character nastiness. His boasting sense of superiority to a woman bought and paid for, in his own words, with his daily income from being a peer of the realm, tells us so much about the vanity and gross pomposity of those who seek to be regarded as better than anyone else.

If this headlong descent into Sodom and Gomorrah were doubted by many, here is possibly damning evidence of a level of moral decadence manifested in a manner impossible to deny. Lord of The Pies is but another of those elevated to a peerage with scant regard to genuine qualification. 

Add into the mix the likes of Cyril Smith, let alone the hundreds of such men who in my lifetime have never been expected to have their shameful and inadequate characters exposed and the utter vileness at the very centre of our Establishment is plain for all to see.

Indeed there are searching questions as to the propriety of the Royal Family, possibly also cursed with behaviour and self indulgence only their wealth and position gives them frequent access to. It does seem that an an air of anything goes and total invincibility pervades these peoples' lives. A belief that their station in life is beyond criticism or censure.   

Indeed why not feel that way? The expenses scandal has led to a recent massive hike in MPs undeserved, in most cases, salaries. A raging hotbed of paedophile activity, over many years and still rampant, goes unchecked. Just fettered with yet another interminable enquiry such as the disgraceful Chilcot joke of an investigation.

Is it little wonder that our society and politics are in such murky waters? No retribution happens to any of them. The only depravity really feared is exposure to child abuse activity. Yet in this obscene behaviour only "their" embarrassment is considered. The victims just toys to such people. 

Now I dare not be holier than thou. I have a history of emotional immaturity and promiscuity. I did, however give that up when Mrs OR took me by the hand and taught me more than I could ever have otherwise learnt. My beef  with our Establishment and their denizens of careless immorality, dishonesty and disregard of those who pay for it. 

With their tax payer funded lifestyles, not what or how I expect my heavily taxed income to be wasted, the arrogant stupidity and lack of intelligence is breathtaking. It would seem a taste of this life is always enough to turn a blind eye to the creeping dictatorship evolving from the EUSSR.

Fat, pig like gluttony is the hallmark of all our Establishment figures. The Sir Humphreys quietly pimping on behalf of their tame politicians and more than ready to give the odd nod to discovery for any of these mindless, brains in their dick thickos. Most but by no means all of them from Labour.

After all, just because Neil Kinnock lacks all trace of charisma still never stopped him indulging in nepotism and massive wealth. Is his level of excess any worse than Sewell's? His peerage said to be accepted to provide a platform for reform. Pure lies. 

Let us also not forget Clegg's eulogy for Smith. One made because he never expected that fat slob's depravity to reach the public domain. There's another traitor and gross failure soon to reap wealth and privilege greater men have died and never known. Maybe, as I keep saying, Corbyn is really a better man than those against him. I doubt it but something needs to change and sadly we have no Putin like colossus any time soon, do we?

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