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Friday, 17 July 2015

This Is How Jackboot Economics Works.

Greed Before Arbeit Every Time.

As the might of the German Panzer economics begin to mirror the Blitzkrieg tactics' used to subjugate Europe in the 1930s/40s and Greece goes suddenly hushed and seemingly broken and occupied, I came across this particular blog post. I am not always a fan of JW's work and demeanor, often, if the truth be known, of surrendering to his doom and gloom and becoming ever more scared and frit.

In fairness, much of his hard graft, skilful research and logical presentation is admirable and beyond my capability, with my untrained mind. To that end I have pleasure in linking to his latest post, The depth of EUSSR corruption made flesh.

Sadly this evil and vomit inducing behaviour will go untouched since all those in power seek their own wealth and fulfilled self entitlement, that cloaks all politicians and their coteries. That millions go hungry, suffer and live in penury to fuel these scum is little more than slavery. Read that post and weep at your and my helplessness.