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Monday, 13 July 2015

Suppression Leading To Oppression.

Fudge, The New Brussels Confectionery.

The image sums up the place Greece has been taken to. Supplicants to an all seeing, all powerful, German dominated Fourth Reich. A political and economic war won as clearly as the failure the previous Reich's atrocious military devastation eventually suffered.

Yet, what is now the future Federal European State, in thrall to the USA, may,  in time, find its ambitions also fail but only after a litany of human misery not dissimilar to the aftermath of the last Reich. Naturally the economic fallout is never as in your face as the death and blatant, cruel immediacy of military action. 

However the coming months or even years of the euro jackboot subjugation does not bode well for Greece and the poorer "States" dragooned into slavish obedience to the might of a German wealth and cash armoury. 

If my interpretation of Germany's motives to use economic rather than military dominance, to further European rule, is as I suspect, then this huge surplus is just mirroring their military build up prior to the second world war. Cash the weapon of choice. In a surreal way, the UK's failure, to date, to join the euro debacle is seemingly the modern equivalent of a dozen squadrons of Spitfires!

So as this ridiculous announcement of a "Eureka" deal overnight begins, already, to look less than it appears, watch this space. The EUSSR tame media, the BBC and Sky bought off to tow the EUSSR propaganda, have hopelessly failed to spell out what this so called deal entails.

For a more logical resume of this "theatre", with that German Communist, Merkin, (a wig covered facade of a "European") leading the way, I suggest a visit to this particular post. Our modern "Enoch" and a man just as isolated as Powell, back in the sixties was, telling us what is really afoot. Note the references to corruption and lies endemic in this ghastly EU.

We can be sure that Tsipras has been bought off by the same kind of private suggestions of personal future wealth promised to the likes of the Kinnocks, Mandlesons et al. How sad to see these shenanigans and the ease with which the EUSSR has, at the behest of Germany, appropriated 25% of Greek assets. Just the first course, naturally.

Those Greeks happily determined to stay in the EUSSR, seemingly a majority, should bear in mind their attitude is little better than their fellow ancestors' collaboration with the occupying, brutal forces in the 1940s. This might seem a comparison too far. Yet if we wait and observe the continued decline of this Country, forced to accept ever more draconian economic decline, designed to further swell those German Bank armouries and surpluses, it will seem less inappropriate.

In the near future and with severe cost increases and taxes for Greek tourism, just watch as only the Germans will be able to afford holidays in Greece! The Greeks requirement for obsequious forelock tugging to their new masters will be somewhat deja vu.

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  1. Apparently the Greek have not reached a non-deal.

    IF they pass loads of new laws AND they do it by Wednesday night, then there will be the basis IN PRINCIPLE for OPENING negotiations ABOUT a deal.

    Pure consultant speak if ever I heard it!