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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Flurries.

As Ever, Sunday Does Politics.

Cameron does a Bliar in urging military action. This time in Syria. Typical short memory syndrome seemingly a requirement for political careerists. Had Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan been glorious military and diplomatic successes then sure, more of the same, please.

Unfortunately "more of the same" will be domestic fawning over Islamic forces now making up huge parts of the UK and Western electorates, whilst  impotent posturing is done in the Middle East. What is seriously required is a powerful support for the survival of Israel and for that matter, in the medium term, support for Assad. 

Instead we shall just repeat the last 20 years of poor and unintelligent failure, coupled with ever open arms for the very enemies we talk of bombing in The Middle East. The likely alliances ISIS will now have in place in Libya, Iraq and with the Taliban in Afghanistan will go unchecked. The latter already sniffing dangerously near to the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan.

Next up Fallon. Given a credibility his Party's vote share barely justifies and the sudden fall from view by the cretinous Clegg just used to fill 24 rolling news constant repetition and predictability. A weird attempt to pitch the gay and happy Labour poster boy against Fallon's Christian stance was weird. A kind of "buggered if you do" presence of Bradshaw and a puerile effort to draw Fallon on his "buggered if you don't" stance. Quickly dumped when Fallon suggested we never get that approach ever used in Muslim interviews!

So finally we got a flirtation with the Labour leadership contest. Yvette Cooper. Just like hubby, Ed Balls, (who?). Privileged and well educated but still thick as two short planks. Pun intended! Well, she yammered on as though she was back in May's disastrous Labour campaign.

Every word this strange woman uttered was straight from that useless campaign manual. "Hard working families", "food banks", "child poverty" and the rest of the socialist hard done by lexicon of unreality and that Utopia can only  exist under the socialist myth of self-entitlement!

It really was "Ground Hog Day"! Sure the Tories are not particularly wonderful. However, just like Estate Agents, you don't have to love them to sell your house! One thing looks ever more likely. Whoever wins the poison chalice of the Labour leadership, they might as well be resigned to only having the Trade Union teat as comfort in the wilderness. More so if we quit the EUSSR socialist yoke as well.


  1. It's a choice, isn't it?

    Bossy woman vs. Mad wife of economically incompetent Balls vs. glowing honest man vs. "Responsible for 100s of deaths at Stafford and other hospitals under his watch", devious bloke.

    I'm going for honesty.

  2. Honesty, EdP?. One thing guaranteed to damn any political ambition, honesty!

  3. But wouldn't it make a refreshing change from the usual lying, cheating, two-faced scum we have "representing" us?
    Of course Corbyn has the other great quality of making the Labour party unelectable for may years!

  4. You are eminently correct, EdP. Honesty would be a worthy spectacle even when condemning the Brits to face up to the communists' lack of any sense of humour. A commonality shared with the spawn of that crede, socialism!