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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Stuffed Sturgeon

Nice One!

A neat bubble bursting exercise by Cameron. Here the amateur wee lassie from the wannabe Greek leader's fiefdom presently known as Scotland, for now, got a lesson in grown up politics. Guess who had a big promotional hand in getting this trap unwittingly sprung? The PBC morons. Two humiliations for the price of one!

Whoever expected this bill to be aired any time soon were naive to say the least. Certainly showed how ill equipped they are to mix it with the big boys and girls! Wittering on about fox hunting and shooting their own fox with regard to English votes for English laws!

It certainly has the flavour of "Yes Minister".  A promise met from the Election manifesto, then seen to fail because of the self righteous puffing of a gullible Dwarf, desperate to reignite an already long lost glare in the spotlight of celebrity status. Really neat and worthy of congratulation.

Sandbagged, sidelined, stitched up, stuffed, spanked and so on! However she seeks to recover her narcissistic delusional sense of great importance, this complete loss of credibility and nuance, will make such a recovery take some doing. If she ever gets her socialist mittens on taxation, can you just imagine the mess she would make of that.

In the meantime I feel a similar satisfaction to the ferrets in a sack that is the Labour Party existence, right now. If The Greeks now grow a pair, who knows what might offer further gloating and happy sense of Common Purpose becoming very much less common!


  1. Whenever I see this Sturgeon woman I simply cannot get out of my mind that she looks like she's had two lemons, a pint of vinegar and a bag of wasps for breakfast.
    What a bitter, twisted woman she is.

  2. and curiously orange ...