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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mustn't Cast Cistercions!

How Gullible Is Political Correctness?

If it looks like, walks like and talks like a con artist.........The BBC, the Civil Service army of pretentiousness and the worship of minorities' perfect apostles have licked this anal filth to glory.Not only does it appear this abomination has lived the high life gifted by government ignorant stupidity but that it is yet another vehicle for wealth creation, on the back of traumatised kids' lives, in the model of James the most ugly.

How this utter piece of less than excrement got away with her blatant abuse of kids innocence beggars belief. Yet her ilk are pouring in from Calais, unchecked. Lauded as innocent victims and welcomed as unfortunate "migrants" only determined to make our Nation as great as those they have treacherously abandoned. 

Swarms they really are. Unlike wasps, hell bent on not destroying aphids but the very plants struggling to survive. Enoch Powell's "we must be mad" failed to identify the depth of our madness. Thank God when it becomes a Mad Max, dog eat dog, I will be long gone. My legacy? Despair at how the warnings were ignored.


  1. I was having a pleasant Sunday until I saw her.

  2. If a picture paints a thousand words, I'll go with the first three that come to mind smug self satisfied