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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Labour Produce Another Sackful!

It's Going To Be Great Year For Socialist Ferret Fighting.

New sign up in Harriet's Office!

Not withstanding the voters did eat Ed Balls, Harriet is now struggling to keep out of any sacks left lying around! Last night's vote on welfare reform really got the ferret like nature of Labour MPs into a lather. Many choosing, along with Harperson, to abstain. A gross dereliction of representative democracy.

Still this excuse for a leader, temporarily or otherwise, showed Labours' true colours.  First Harriet Harman took a stand - saying Labour had to wake up and listen to voters on welfare. Look closer at this phrase and the action spawned. "We will not represent those who voted for us but those who will give us a majority." The Bliar philosophy of power at any cost.

If we were to create an environment in which we choose a political party on the basis of voting for that which will do the least damage, how much better we would be governed. Right now today's news of reduced Government borrowing, a sensible bill to tackle Labours' benefit client society and a look at Muslim extremism offer more in a few months than Labour did in 13 years.

Why? After 13 years in power the very poverty, benefit claimants and food bank needy are no further forward than they were in 1997. The sink estates, immigrant ghettos and full on misery of an ever growing underclass are ever worse because of Labours' votes at any price profligacy. 

How Labour and the Left can howl self righteous, self indulgent criticisms of anger at the state of a Nation still mired in bankruptcy, over population and stressed beyond measure public services, is just plain, as ever, self indulgent, self entitlement. These are the very bedrock of this gross and corrupt, undemocratic EUSSR and the very founders of all the ills plaguing our blighted society. One now overrun with alien cultures and feted to the heavens by a socialist, sycophantic Establishment besotted with the idea of future EU Federal, lucrative sinecures.

So enjoy to the full the present sight of Labour and the left in full squabble sack mode. They relished the right's discomfiture, purchased with lies and greed in 1997. The time long overdue for that comeuppance. We can but hope and pray Corbyn takes over the baton of self destruction and that he revels in a joint presentation of all the horrors he and Len McCluskey would have to offer of a totalitarian State.

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