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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Emperor's Clothes.

Or Is That The Empress's Garb.

Well, talk of impotence, incompetence and incontinent tendencies, our EUSSR pathetic and moronic crowd are really displaying their true, utter uselessness. Merkin was so sure the path to creating a fourth Reich via economic blitzkrieg was an infallible substitute for panzers and Stukas. Now it appears this is not as easy as hitherto has been the progress.

One size, "single currency" certainly does not fit all. It is quite likely some last minute, typical fudge will emerge and the can kicking go round the next corner but at some time a huge bill will have to be paid. Woe betide the Chancellor seen to be the architect of that unimaginable cost. 

Right now it's likely to be the woman who, until now, has given Teflon Tone a run for the non-stick stakes. Whatever I, for one, will not care for her discomfort or that of a German people, bailed out post their second world war atrocities, with billions of undeserved dollars and now claiming their economic "miracle" is all down to their hard work.

The very same Germany which looks down its collective nose with disdain at the Greeks, whilst failing to admit to their own culpability in creating the desperate place the Greek economy is now parked. Such double standards and hypocrisy. Time for this EUSSR gross and nasty institution to fall and the World to move on from just another failed and puerile Empiricism. 

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