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Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Return.

To Blogging And To Bosnia.

After hard work prepping the garden for an NGS open day, computer issues arose leaving minimum capability to blog. Thankfully we are back to normal and I am able to post once more. So I'm back and have chosen to also return to the conflict in Bosnia in the nineties.

That return is prompted by the anniversary commemorations and the hounding of the Serbian P.M by the Islamic population "introduced" there in the past through conquest and subjugation. A history of many centuries past now unfolding throughout Europe yet again.

In essence it is not of the kind of conquest experienced by the expansionism of the Ottoman Empire but might the future still mirror the eventual breakdown seen after the collapse of Yugoslavia, when multi cultural ethnicity determined conflict and violence? After all, not withstanding the rise of ISIL brutality in the Middle East, Western Europe has allowed millions of  Muslim migrants to settle and slowly begin to dominate those cultures.

If we add to the discussion the avowed demand of Muslim fanaticists  to turn all human existence into slavish and enslaved subjects of a religious cult, hell bent of unutterably barbaric, cruel punishments and misogyny, are we not wise to look long and hard at the events which happened in Bosnia? 

Instead, sadly, we have to helplessly watch an EUSSR creation get ever cosier with any migrant population seemingly happy to swell the obsession of our political Establishment to mimic the dubious success of the USA model. One also carved out through a genocidal determination to destroy ethnic, long established tribes.

Time will tell but I would wager that at some time in the future, the EUSSR will implode and dreadful, violent war will be the result. There will be no winners other than those who are always able to profit from such conflict. Indeed those in that position may already consider themselves ensconced in a Fourth Reich of unelected EUSSR cabals. They may regret that hubris!

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