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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tunisian Atrocity.

Political Impotence.

The awful murders on a tourist beach in Tunisia remind me of the motive behind 9/11. That is economic covetousness driven by racial, or tribal if you prefer, hatred. All in the hands of barbaric, third world and vicious men. Rarely women.

Many of these inadequates are treated by the West's corporate and political cartels as nought but commercial entities to be herded into unsuitable societies to swell customer potential and further profit and greed. It therefore stands to reason terrorists weapon of choice is also economic laced with atrocity and a significant dose of fear.

With their millions of easily brainwashed candidates, throughout the world, programmed to see anyone other than erstwhile Muslims as vermin and their own immortality assured, via ignorance and lack of intelligence, ISIL and other organisations have an endless supply of willing, gullible idiots.

We in the West have our own. Those who turned a blind eye to Labours' mass immigration policy for a start, those who allowed Bliar to create a legacy now staining our existence every bit as much as the Nazis did. 

As for the EUSSR and their mantra of a United States of Europe, to stop war on that Continent, this madness trumps even the sadistic racism embraced by Islamic idiocy. How anyone could believe that enforced, oxymoronic positive discrimination for a multi cultural society was a good idea is just weirdly incredible.

As these hordes of, mostly young male, chancers pour across the seas to pollute a Continent, already full to overflowing with dross and unskilled millions, our political cabals and their Common Purpose despots just can't appreciate their own culpability, let alone come up with any remedies to redress the nightmare unfolding.

One think I am sure of. If this gross idiocy, that is a super state offshoot of the USA model, a Federal European State, the consequences will be war on a scale hitherto unknown. A bloodbath to make two world wars combined a paltry hiccup in the path to human destruction. Scary but so very plausible.

As our violin orchestras, manned by a political Establishment without a ounce of common sense between them, fiddle ever more tunelessly and frantically, a sinister underground plot thickens. That is the search for nuclear capability by fanatics desperate for a quicker pace of destruction of all we ought to hold dear but are not allowed to.

So all this "globalisation", mass migration and displacement can only be resolved when the bombs begin to go off. After almost 100 years since the atom was first split but only used twice in anger, the lily livered weakness of Western appeasement and failed intervention is exposed so very dangerously. The rot having begun after Vietnam, exacerbated in Iraq and now infecting the whole planet.

This idea of Shengen as something to be proud of  sums up neatly the sheer scale of our masters' utter blindness to what is happening around them. If you add to this blind ignorance the kind of headline we got today in the Mail, "Sunbed gunman: the British link", our destruction as a once wonderful society and Nation looks all but complete.

Since when was a thick, pig ignorant piece of drug fuelled, murderous slaughter "British"? For surely that's the implication. With media "friends" like this these murdering savages don't need their own PR machine, do they?

As for what's to be done, getting out of this EUSSR crap would be a start. Then some serious weeding out of illegal immigrants and a forceful use of the law on treason would go a long way to saving Britain. Unless it's already far too late. In which case standby for a UK based EUSSR Army to enforce further obsequious surrender to Islam and barbarity.

Ask yourself this question. What have the EU Commission in common with Islam? Both are totally undemocratic and bent on submission of all freedom for the individual.


  1. Shortly it will be illegal to criticise Islam and if you don't agree that homosexuality is the supreme lifestyle then you are a budding terrorist.

  2. It feels as if both forecasts are already fulfilled, Anon.

  3. Not sure how a United States of Europe would stop wars on the continent. It didn't work in America when they had a civil war when several states wanted to leave. See any similarities brewing...?

  4. Dioclese, the EUSSR choose to export war and import future civil strife. With or without the EUSSR, there will be terrible violence come from the EU's arrogant assumptions and delusion.