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Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Cosy Club.

Their World Always First.

Unnecessary backslapping carried out here. At first consideration it's a gentlemanly thing to do. Honourable members and all that. Yet is it really so charming for the rest of us?

Labour cost me over £100k of pension in 1997, along with millions of others. Then presided over vote buying on a massive scale creating a client/voter base of  a feckless benefit culture. Always the ends supposed to justify their means. Then along came Edstone the Mighty class war warrior.

Another in the long line of smug, self serving champagne socialists. An endless list of Kinnocks, Mandlesons, Bliars and the likes of the unelected favoured alcoholics such as the cretinous Campbell and his weird authority over secret service committees. That's but a minor list of decades of faux socialism to disguise self interest, peerages, cronyism and blatant nepotism.

Harman's hubby granted a safe sinecure as an MP, now another member of the hereditary system of choice by Labour Royalty. Again just two examples of how these monstrous and self centered people use politics and power to serve themselves whilst ruining those with aspiration and ambition.

So when George Osborne made this eulogy to Edstone's "decency" I felt sick to the core. Miliband has been churlish in defeat as well as in Office. He's preached on about "working families", an unfair society and totally blanked out any aspirational voters. Lied about his intentions if in power and would have dragged us all back to 2007/8 and destroyed the hard won, though fragile, recovery.

Add to these considerations the support and glowing language used after the death of that monster, Cyril Smith and even the just demised Charles Kennedy, a man only outed on his illness after pressure and it seems this term "honourable" is available to any of them, without any question as to its being deserved.

So is not about time all this bonhomie was reserved for when, if ever, this arm of the EUSSR and slavish forelock tugging to others, is genuinely our Government once more? Our Nation regains its sovereignty and we sink or swim through our own Independence and self determination. 

Surely only then can these Parliamentarians once more lay claim to representation and some semblance of justification for their devalued claims to the title of "honourable". A claim few, if any of them ever genuinely deserved in my lifetime. Certainly few socialists and definitely not Edstone.

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