Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday Reflections.

Funny Old World.

I've struggled recently to hang on to "joie de vivre", despite being surrounded by such a beautiful and fortunate life. Sure, like most, it has had more than its fair share of trials and tribulations. Often self inflicted, I guess. Nevertheless the mind is a complicated product of a complex physical entity. Both require fitness to work best.

Sadly, as we become less young, physical deterioration can creep up and subtle changes in our bodies can create similar, often unwelcome changes in our minds. In essence it can, for many, become harder to be positive, embrace ones surroundings and count ones blessings. All this at a time when the days left to come are ever fewer. The failure to enjoy every single one more glaring a mistake.

It's not always a conscious failure of character and weakness of spirit, however. Serious medical experiences can play a big part in our sense of or lack of well being. So if it is possible to overcome feeling down it's well worth giving it a try.

Things which also can help "the blues" are legion. Beautiful sunshine, gardens and nature, per se. Friends and if you are lucky, family all can add to the list of "bucking up". Music, too can be a joy. An article just a couple of days ago, related extensive research proving how marriage is a very positive thing, especially for men!

How true that is in my case and a further reason for hating feeling down for little reason. Still, literature and history is rife with characters seemingly enjoying wonderful lives but prone to self doubt and even depression. The terrible story of a lovely and successful woman dentist, just last week found apparently having committed suicide. An example, possibly, of some tragic mindset unable to cope with something mind numbing and irrecoverable.

A further reason for me to feel good about life is the trouncing of the Socialist apparatchiks such as Harman and her cosy circle of ex dictators. Am I alone in feeling so much better on a lovely summer's day under a non socialist administration. Still a socialist Government of course, but at least not on UK soil but on the Continent!

Well, I've indulged myself enough publicly! Pup's curled up beside me, Mrs OR is at Church, sun is shining and the garden approaching its best time of the year. I had a terrific supper with friends last Friday and right now am in a good place when I can actually count my blessings. Long may it last and anyone reading this post do the same!


  1. Thanks for an uplifting piece.
    Despite many recent family and health problems, I try to be thankful every day for just being alive in this (still) wonderful world, even with my less acute senses - vision & hearing in particular - as I age. My sense of wonderment at the astounding beauty all around, from the microscopic to the stars, is undiminished and brings joy to my heart.
    May you too experience this: to see the world as if through the eyes of a child is a precious gift.

  2. St. Lawrences? As good as any.

  3. A country garden, is there anywhere quite so peaceful, far from the madding crowd.

    We, my wife, a woman far too good for me and i are finally coming to terms with the result of the election, we didn't share your joy Rightie at the triumph of the Social Democrat fronted by EUDave.
    Desperately disappointed that they got away with cheating Farage of his seat, i refer to the ballot boxes which went walkabout which has been duly uninvestigated by plod, nothing to see here move along now.

    We have a pro EU government, with the previously vociferous anti's within the Tory ranks swiftly and without a hint of irony or shame changing their stance, it's frankly sickening.

    Following the result, my wife declared that apart from voting no in the coming sham UE Referendum, she will never vote again, and i'm fast coming round to the same view, we've been wasting our time worrying and fighting something which cannot be beaten...the enemy isn't in another uniform and armed to the teeth with typical weapons.
    The enemy is here, it is the people who own the country and the people who represent us and play the owners tune, their associated apparatchiks and media mouthpieces (Al-Beeb the state broadcaster the most prolific fifth column) with all too few objectors not singing from the correct hymnsheet being increasingly sidelined, Peter Hitchens the prime example.

    Legion of immigrants being ferried in, even our own Royal Navy sailing off down to Libya to collect the next wave presumably to make it more cost effective for those who gather the horde.

    It's Lucifer Blair's legacy pursued and increased by his natural heir Cameron.

    Basically its all over, there is no one in the house who will speak honestly from their heart any more, the one man who would, Farage like him or loath him, he's all we've got that hasn't been bought, has been sidelined.
    Where's a Churchill and Powell when you need them, the few possibles who might have slipped past the childhood brainwashing programs weeded out before they could become a problem, i have no doubt they would have got rid of Farage Dr David Kelly style if they could.

    Well, that's my thoughts, i don't like what's happened and i detest whats coming for our country, but i'm afraid its all over bar the shouting for the likes of me, our children are happy with the way things are, bread and circuses works, one day they might see when the country turns into hell.

    We too are happy in our home, tucked away and reasonably private yet on the edges of a midlands town.
    My wife calls it her sanctuary, nice to visit places but eternally grateful to return home.

    Those who replace us will in the vast majority of cases never know such peace, nor have enjoyed England and our neighbouring countries (though i'm half Irish, and that country is now lost to the EU, just as are we soon) that make up the British Isles in the final years before they officially succummed to the rule of Germany, without a shot being fired to boot, farcical if it wasn't so tragic.

    Enjoy your life Rightie, you've earned it.

    We're going to do the same and ignore the world outside our small enclave.



  4. Thank you for kind comments. Judd, I too loathe the EUSSR with a passion. Yet Farage has forced this referendum, now hypocritically embraced publicly by Labour.
    You never know, it might just go the way of common sense. No one, Yanks in particular, gave us a cat in hell's chance in 1940. Germany their vehicle of choice to ride to global domination.

    Now that same mindset exists to create a pale imitation of that made out of genocide State, in cahoots with Germany, once more. Sure it's not looking good but then we were spared a Socialist nightmare, for awhile. Pundits and pollsters, egg on face astonishment, joyful to behold. Could a "leave" vote produce a similar shock? Scramble,scramble!

  5. EdP, most generous. Demetrius, yup!

  6. To be honest, I don't really count the change of heart of Labour as hypocrisy so much as a belated realisation that they are elected to represent their constituents, and their constituents overwhelmingly want to have a say on the country's membership of the EU.

    The EU is also heading for its Waterloo moment. I am reminded of Sir Terry Pratchett's description of the city of Ankh-Morpork as "The only city that ever started off decadent"; the EU is empire by stealth which began its life decadent and has sung into a slow decline without ever really having a golden age as such. The basic premise of the EUSSR is flawed; it is essentially a merger of countries on the quiet.

    Ironically the major decisions that have saved the UK from ever-greater parasitism by the EUSSR have all been taken, directly or indirectly, by Labour politicians for the most dire and idiotic of reasons.

    The decision not to join the Euro was down to the rivalry between Blair and Brown; we were spared the Euro because Blair was an incompetent Great Leader and failed to shuffle Brown out of government when he proved not to be a compliant minion.

    The EU regionalisation programme was designed to replace existing sub-divisions in countries with EU ones, which would eventually lead to an EUSSR of regions each too small to revolt against the centre and succeed. This was a key part of the EU grand plan, and it is John Prescott whom we should be thanking for being an incompetent, lazy twerp who failed to get on with the job given to him and instead concentrated on petty lechery and overeating.

    Plaudits finally need to go to the Greeks. A worthier bunch of crooks, embezzlers, thieves, fraudsters and malcontents never walked the earth; it is this motley crew who enthusiastically borrowed Euros to squirrel away and never again to repay. Wise men would look to history and see that Greece has a basic default state for its currency: broken, basically. The Drachma has spent more time broken, in crisis or being fixed than it ever has as a stable currency, hence Greeks see money as something to do something with, not something to keep in banks.

    So, between all of these minor evil forces, a great good will eventually appear; the EUSSR will die.