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Monday, 15 June 2015

Suicide Grooming.

Such Utter, Crass BBC Speak.

This unimaginable idiot, just discovered to have blown himself into even more useless detritus is spoken of by the BBC news morons as some kind of hard done by minority victim. The hatred felt against the hands that feed them is little more than the howls of racist inadequates living amongst people so very much more advanced and civilised than they can ever hope for.

The irony of the feckless but free to choose a hedonistic lifestyle, now bred alongside covetous and forcibly devout aliens is but one of so many ridiculous ironies created by mass immigration and the obsession of Common Purpose to destroy white Nations. 

To constantly refer to the fanatics from the Middle Ages now swamping our shores as British is but one further piece of "nose rubbing" of those astounded at the slums and ghettos which now characterise our towns and cities. To quote Enoch Powell, "We must be mad". Little did he realise that gerrymandering and vicious antipathy to ethnic Brits and whites would gain such a grip on our once lovely Country.

Well let me say this. These people are not "British". They are people bent on our destruction and control of whole Continents. Just as the corporate, globalisation fanatics. Eventually these two different but equally destructive movements will collide. An illustration of this now tearing apart The Middle East. Heavily preceded by failed interventionist stupidity in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

Conflicts which have now turned the Mediterranean into an ocean of migrant and terrorist flotillas. A problem those behind its creation have no idea how to solve. Europe trapped under a yoke of inertia such a mongrel political club must of necessity be, take months or even years to come up with solutions to anything. Their stance ultra pro Islamic migrants at the expense of all others.

These erstwhile terrorists and suicide bombers would be better served if called Europeans. British they most certainly are not.


  1. Tragic, another fine young 'British' lad won't be coming home.

    The above sentence might be tinged with misleading terms.

    I feel about the same as dear old Windsor Davies might in best Sar'nt Major role, 'oh dear how sad never mind'.

    Don't recall Al-Beeb nor the local socialist apparatchiks being too concerned about hundreds of young apparently (to them) unimportant girls, children for Christ's sake, being groomed molested and raped for years by various useless imports (as we don't have enough perverts of our own), nor was i deafened by BBC outrage at the murder of Kriss Donald.

    Indeed if it wasn't for the unmentionable political party of the time, you know the one, who's initials cannot be printed in the mainstream press without the word Odious preceeding, reporting these events when it was forbidden to mention and pointing the finger exactly where it belonged, we might never know about Kriss Donald outside of Glasgow, and those gang child rapist scum would still be at their foul business, and doubtless its still going on.



  2. Does our media demand degrees in depressive presentation techniques to squash any protest at the awfulness of our destiny, Judd.

  3. It would appear that the Daesh scum held the fool in almost as great a contempt as you do. The Daesh terrorists are many things, including stupid, but on day to day matters of organising a military campaign they are not completely stupid.

    Most of the soldiers they have over there are impoverished scum who regard a soldiering life with the prospect of sex with a slave as being heaven on earth. Some muppet from a cushy Western country has only known the good life all of his days; drop him into a war zone and he'll very quickly realise what an appallingly shit existence it is, and how brief it may be when some major power decides to take up carpet bombing of Daesh positions.

    Such a kid as this one isn't a soldier. They cannot afford the time to make him into one. They therefore used him as a human munitions delivery system as that is all he is good for.

  4. Dan, thank you for excellent comments very well put.