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Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Migrants Hunger For The Lands They Profess To Loathe.

Is it not ironic that white settlers and colonialists are hated by so many African Nations but when it comes to risking life and limb to gain a "better" life, where do these ancestors of anti-white tribes look to go? 

Plus we have and our EUSSR Commissariat cretins prove, a total lack of any idea as to how to handle these hordes. Many with strong allegiances to terrorist factions and a deep seated, racist hatred for white people.

What a shambolic nightmare, created by a vacuum of any semblance of leadership. IS rides rough shod over the West, whose supposedly main leader is a man devoid of any jot of diplomacy and a heavy regard for all things Islamic. The leader of a Nation hijacked by corporate untouchables, in the wake of interventionist failures in the Middle East of such utter stupidity as to beggar belief.

Now we are witnessing this mass exodus of people ill equipped to make any real contribution to the wealth of the human race. Migrants brainwashed that the West, especially the ghastly EUSSR, will give them riches beyond their imagination and somehow, in a matter of months, have lifestyles hard won over 200 years by those able to enjoy a modicum of affluence in the West.

An affluence rapidly crumbling under the weight of demand now and under Labours' 13 years of destruction, through illegal wars and mass immigration in the UK, in particular. Then there is the recent Libyan nonsense. A repeat of the t identical mistakes made in Iraq. How those countries are now reeling from that idiocy and torn apart by tribal civil war.

Yet for all the venom spewed out against the West, our lifestyle is still coveted and sought by so many of those supposedly conditioned to hate and bite the hand that once fed them in their own lands. So why is it that, rather than evolve and prosper, have these races and tribes remained so poverty stricken, violent and inadequate?

When all is said and done the West, over my lifetime and well before, has poured many billions into these benighted countries. So little to show for it except hundreds of thousands of disaffected homeless, wandering aimlessly, with mixed motivations and destinations. All courted by an EUSSR desperate to dilute ancient European populations and create a single State without any loyalty borne of history and tradition.

So we can't expect this mass flight from Africa to be stopped anytime soon. As erstwhile members of this gross excuse for a United States of Europe that is the EU, we will be required to continue watching our hard won freedoms and once relative prosperity poured down that toilet pan of a European Federal State.

Anyone purporting to wish this topic of immigration to be highlighted is ridiculed and it's relationship with the EUSSR's plans for the future is meant to be suppressed. Strange to find our own race in the firing line, as were the North American Indians' homes, pride and traditions rolled over by mass European migration. The very blueprint for this EUSSR. Who'd vote for that if they were fully aware of what is planned?

Of course millions of migrants granted residency over the next year or so will. Why wouldn't they? Probably more than sufficient to win a referendum which means little to them, other than ever more benefits?

Madness as we send our meagre armed forces to hoover up from the Med thousands of potential new "yes" votes. Seems almost a deliberate ploy!

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