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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Poor Little Kids.

Anti-Austerity Equals Puerile Socialism.

Charlotte Church showing off the ravages of austerity.

Is it possible to take these kids, led by the likes of failed celebrities like Charlotte Church and foul mouthed Brand, seriously? Just two of the legion of addled idiots so wholly narcissistically up their own arses as to believe they're somehow special. Both plonkers richer than those fools protesting put together. The utter delusional ignorance beggars belief.

How much have these cretinous fools shelled out to whinge their 1970s throwback rubbish? Sure many of those responsible for our financial ineptitude as a Nation got away with it. However who let them? Their beloved socialist 13 years of extravagant vote buying, mass immigration and faux "Party of the People", crass, get rich Labour cronies.

Take the latest union baron, McCluskey. Like the two "celebs" mentioned, a wealthy, albeit ugly and gross six figure plus salaried trougher. Was he chauffeured to the demo? Quite probably but if not could easily have been. What a ridiculous and sour grapes piece of stupidity this whole effort was.

Had any of these children any intelligence they should be remonstrating with the real power brokers in Brussels. What passes for a UK Government has plugged a massive hole left by Labour and the EUSSR but only temporarily. If those ghastly people demonstrating today knew what real austerity is and took a glimpse of the wars fought for their spoilt lives, by people who really understood austerity and poverty, they just might see their own shameful nastiness for what it is.

Few in the UK really understand what it is like to be poor. Many of us who lived through the post war years and experienced rationing and hardship do. We don't need any lectures from these self righteous, spoilt, full of self entitlement, kids. We especially don't need "celebs" desperate to resurrect failing careers, taking a faux interest in politics. 

If they gave all their wealth to charity and lived frugal, unspoilt, drug free lives or stood for Office humbly and at great risk to their credibility, I might, might just listen. Otherwise I would ask them to shut the f**k up and go live somewhere the austerity, poverty and drudgery is really bad and spout their clap trap to people too busy to notice. As for the BBC, they love it all! 


  1. Which food bank does that fat bint in the bikini use?