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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Have The Greeks Found Their Escape Route.

We Can But Hope.

Whatever the hardships, trials and tribulations which await the Greek Nation, their nationhood may well be its own, valuable reward. As is ever the case, with the EUSSR, there is more we never get to know about than are told.

First off the EUSSR is an undemocratic arm of US led globalisation ambition. Something now no longer free trade, fair competition or genuine capitalism but a corporate, greed ridden merger of corrupt alliances between politicians and board room tyrants, hell bent on any means to gain control of the human race.

What these people have palpably failed to understand is that humanity is on such a scale of complexity as to be only ever briefly be able to be fooled. Eventually the cajoling, the threats and the nastiness of power obsessed individuals, rotten to the core with corruption and cruelty, fail. Only the scale of their consequences changes. Hitler and Nazism are a perfect example of this consideration.

So it is with this deliberately faceless enterprise of Common Purpose. A global entity steeped in secrecy and bent on total control of human affairs. Yet doomed, purely on their inability to understand scale. The euro single currency disaster but one aspect of that delusional mind set about the enormity of their arrogant ambition.

Greece is but the first likely casualty of that same stupidity. However we must also remember that that Nation might well be straddling waters rich in oil. Soon the billions forced onto the Greeks,  as a means of controlling that Nation and filling the then corrupt political leaders' ample, treasonable pockets maybe peanuts to a booming oil economy!

Also waiting patiently in the wings is Vlad. Putin really only has to make the odd move to steer the EUSSR and their Obummer cohorts into difficult waters. He made a brilliant check mate on Crimea, as our lot backed a coup in Ukraine. One which failed dismally to carry any legitimate popular mandate in that Country.

Now the mass migration out of Africa swamping the EUSSR, after the dismal interventionist failures of a joint EU/NATO mongrel force, has become so huge a nightmare, once more our Common Purpose crowd are busy firefighting an uncontrollable conflagration. Quietly, I suspect, Russia and China are already offering logistical and practical agreements to the Greeks in order to gain economic advantage over future oil wealth, whilst the West face overwhelming problems with unwelcome migration out of control.

If I were a Greek right now I would be very happy to welcome anyone but the very people who have created the unnecessary hardships, for nefarious gain, done with the typical stealth and hidden agendas of the EUSSR ambition. The same methods now being directed at the UK to create fear and panic over quitting this ridiculous Federal, pathetic movement. Just read the heading words to this blog.

So, if, as might happen, the Greeks quit, good luck to them. Five years of a booming tourist surge won't do any harm. Add oil exploration, possible production and wealth and suddenly there will be no eggs left at the top table other than that plastered across a lot of deserving faces. That would be as glorious as Edstones cracked granite!

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