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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Harperson And Sour, Very Sour Grapes!

How The Wannabe Mighty Are Fallen.

Most of my adult life I've had to suffer this ghastly woman and her unshakable smugness. To see into her character you only have to consider how she happily gifted hubby a safe Labour seat, all women short list a mere trifle. Entitlement, you see.

Then there have been her gross PMQs appearance, holding whichever dick her Party was requiring her to attend to. Be it Bliar, Snotty or Edstone. As for her stand in PMQs head Freda, never more ill equipped and sour faced, than ever. Such as in the picture which, were it not for the poppy, could have been any day since early May!

So when her so obvious brief, to call Cameron school ground names, belied his magnanimous behaviour, when gloating might well have been justified, was so childish but so Harperson. I doubt anyone who noted her grotesque, sulky, sucking a lemon expressions can fail to be mystified she ever got where she did.

Maybe she was Labours' aristocratic foil to Pie Face anorexic Punchy Prescott's bullying ignoramus. Whatever, as far as "class" is concerned, despite Harpersons background, she has zero charisma and even less class! 

She was a chancer. a failed one at that. So forget your Westminster, gilded lifestyle in London, woman. You were sussed big time as a waste of space along with your last three leaders. A warmonger, nutcase and inadequate millionaire granite mason!  If you want gloating to be seen, over your catastrophic defeat, give me a call! Never did an individual and her gang of misfits ever deserve to be so thoroughly trounced.


  1. Doesn't appear to be universally popular, does she?

  2. Seems that other weird female. Platell thinks Harperson is the bees knees!

  3. Schadenfreude + Harman = Scharmanfreude perhaps?

    It's hard not to gloat - oh alright then, Hahahahaha!