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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Churlish And Spiteful.

G7 Infantile Behaviour.

Why is Putin now a pariah? Given the interference and expansionist nature of the West's interference in Ukraine it is my suggestion Putin has and continues to behave with calm, rationality and very smart political acumen. He embraced Crimea's democratic wish to rejoin the Russian Nation and if we Brits were sensible enough, we will quit this grotesque Federal Union that is the EUSSR.

Back to Putin and his nounce. As the EUSSR and the US graspers expect Greece to toe the line and surrender their future possible oil income, in return for peanuts from the G7 banquets pre-dinner nibbles, Putin is probably quietly offering support, along with China, should the Greeks leave the EUSSR dictatorship.

Whatever the EU Barons are up to, we can be certain it is not for the benefit of the peasants. More a further example of power hungry elites chasing unimaginable riches and personal gain. Often by people otherwise incapable of such wealth on personal merit. This ghastly little man a perfect example.

So in summary, the spiteful exclusion of Putin, from this latest G7 jamboree, is little more than to distract the rest of us from whatever failings they know of and which might well bode less than well for those of us expected, as ever, to bear the brunt of whatever mess in waiting in the wings.

Hands up all of those who would prefer to be friends and allies of Russia than servants to a spiteful dictatorship controlled by Berlin. After all our Common Purpose, corporate oligarchs rapidly accepted China at the trough, despite the history of that Nation's human rights record. Is an EU exit a chance for a better relationship and trade with Russia? Like hell, yes!


  1. Couldn't agree more, but Dave's got his Y fronts on outside his tights and with Frau Merkel as his Lois Lane he's unstoppable.

    Our leaders have probably read one of Lucifer Bliar's assessments of Russia's military prowess, he's an expert on these things you know remember how right he was about WMD (thank the good Lord he acted swiftly there), Yfront Dave will lead the EU stormtroopers to victory, just like Libya it will be...or was it Stalingrad?

    I too have no argument with Putin or his actions.